Monday, July 22, 2019

Cheap Z Palette Dupe | Makeup Forever Magnetic Palette

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Makeup Forever XL Refillable Makeup System / $3 CAD

Since I decluttered the majority of my old single eyeshadows because of their age, I no longer needed a large Z Palette to store the few eyeshadow singles I had left but because they were depotted, I needed a smaller magnetic palette to store them. After a bit of searching online, I came across this super cheap alternative to purchasing a small Z palette.

This Makeup Forever magnetic palette was just the ticket! And for only $3 you just can't beat it! It is very solid and sturdy, sleek, has a magnetic bottom inside, as well as a full-sized mirror. Although it's designed to hold Makeup Forever eyeshadow singles, you can store any blush or shadows that will fit.

From Sephora's site:

Artist Color is a refillable palette system. Your highlight, sculpt, blush powder, and eyeshadows will come as a refill. Be sure to also add a palette to your cart to hold your new powders.

The Extra Small Palette is designed to hold a single Artist Color Eye Shadow. The Small Palette can hold two Artist Color Eye Shadows, or one Artist Face Color Powder. The Medium Palette holds three Artist Color Eye Shadows. The Large Palette can hold four Artist Color Eye Shadows, or two Artist Face Color Powders. The Extra Large Palette can hold six Artist Color Eye Shadows, or three Artist Face Color Powders.

I was able to fit 5 mixed shaped eye shadow singles. You could also fit a blush with a couple of eyeshadows too.

I'm so happy with this little palette. It's really helped me reach for these beloved eyeshadows of mine that were being neglected.

I highly recommend this palette if you are looking for something to store your depotted makeup and need something small. Or just want something for travel.

Makeup Forever has many other sizes available, including smaller palettes as well as some larger ones.

Another cheaper alternative to a Z Palette that is larger is linked here.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Best DIY Homemade Iced Coffee | Tim Horton & Starbucks Dupe

If you're like me and you love a great iced coffee and saving some money at the same time, read on for my recipe for the ultimate homemade iced coffee...

I've been making iced coffee at home for years. It started out with just some milk and instant coffee but has progressed over the years as I've found some ingredients that have stepped up my coffee to a whole other level. This drink now rivals the iced coffee at expensive coffee houses for a fraction of the price!

Here's my DIY el-cheapo iced coffee recipe:

Nescafe decaf is my choice for instant coffee for this recipe as it dissolves easier and has a rich, bold taste. Choose any instant coffee that you like. They will dissolve as you stir it in the milk.

I use regular milk but you can use lactose-free or any dairy alternative that you like. I recommend organic milk if you are in a country that allows hormones and antibiotics in their milk.

Everything in this recipe is customizable. Just add more or less of each ingredient until you reach your desired taste. You could even make this without the stevia but I don't recommend leaving out the Silk Vanilla Creamer. However, there may be other flavours of this creamer that you could also try.

I don't even measure the Silk Coconut Vanilla Creamer. I probably use more than you need to but this is the product that REALLY takes this iced coffee to the next level, so just keep adding until you love the taste. You don't taste any coconut but it adds a sweet vanilla taste.

If you prefer a chopped ice type of iced coffee, just add more ice and blend in a blender.

This drink is addicting and you'll save TONS of money making your new favourite iced coffee at home! You can thank me later πŸ˜‹

Let me know how you like it and if you made any changes to the recipe that I need to know about. 

Monday, July 15, 2019

Grit and Zest Athleisure Wear Review

Athleisure wear is still going strong and if you haven't heard of Grit & Zest, you should definitely check them out if you're into the whole athleisure wear thing. Besides their great styles, the quality is impeccable.

I have to admit that it took me some time to get into the whole athleisure wear thing, but I'm glad that I finally did. It's not only fashionable, but it's also comfortable. One of the things I love the most about this trend is that I have one less excuse to workout when I don't have to change my clothes.

I tested out Grit & Zest's Black Valley Sports Bra and their Black Easy Leggings. I went with my usual medium for the Bra but I chose to size up to a large for the leggings as I want them to be comfortable vs tight. I'd say their clothing is true to size. I could definitely have gone with my normal size medium in the leggings as the large is slightly loose on me. For reference, I'm 5.71/2" and 143lbs.

Black Valley Sports Bra

Back of bra

Shell 90% Polyester 10% Spandex, Mesh 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex
From Grit & Zest:
Built for medium impact routines, our slim-fitting Valley Sports Bras are made of breathable, anti-wicking, fast-drying, and four-way stretching tech fabric. Featuring a contouring neckline, adjustable straps, mesh details in front and back, and removable cup inserts. This is something special we made for those looking for a low-key counterpart to our Glitter Valley Sports Bras.
My take on it:
I love the style of this sports bra. It has a mesh insert in the centre, the perfect amount of padding as well as adjustable straps. I like that the bra has a thick band at the bottom so I don't get any back fat, which is something I always look for in my bras. It fits great, is super comfortable, has great style and is very well made. It even looks cute peeking out of my tank tops. 

Black Easy Legging

Black Easy Legging / Retail $45
90% polyester, 10% spandex

From Grit & Zest:
Our Easy Leggings are made of anti-wicking, fast-drying, and four-way stretching tech fabric. Be comfortable and at ease wearing black full length leggings that fight against sweat marks and leave you feeling dry. These leggings are high-waisted with a gusset that will holdup throughout any vigorous workout. Signature side panel style lines sit perfectly flat against your skin. You won’t feel the seams, which reduces irritation and adds a bit of unique design and fashion to your athleisure attire.

My take on it:
These leggings are quite lightweight which makes me feel less hot in them than my other thicker leggings. As I mentioned before, I find them to be true to size. I am normally a medium but ordered the large to be safe but I find them a little loose, so I should have gone with their size chart and ordered the medium. Otherwise, they are super soft and comfortable and they are really well made. I like that they are higher waisted without being TOO high. I find when I get leggings that are super high-waisted, I feel suffocated. I don't feel that way at all with these. I found these to be quite long so if you're a tall girl you're in luck, otherwise, just roll them up. I like this style because it's so versatile and they can be worn with anything. They can take you from lounging around to running errands and to the gym for a full-on workout. Grit and Zest also sell crops and cutouts if that's something that you are looking for.

Workout-ready. Just throw a top over and I'm ready to head out the door or just lounge around.

Look Ma, no back fat!


I find this set to be pretty slimming as I am about 10lbs over my normal weight here thanks to all the ice cream I've been eating this Summer. I may not be some IG fitness model but I sure feel good in this gear! 😊

There are so many more great styles to choose from on Grit & Zest. They are definitely worth checking out. 😍

PR samples. All opinions are mine.

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