Sunday, October 14, 2018

Makeup Declutter | Eyeshadows + Lipsticks!

Searching for dupes of my favourite expired products

After reading an article called "What Happens to Your Face When You Use Expired Makeup" the other day (linked here), it freaked me out a bit. It definitely opened my eyes and I'm SO ready to let go of my old makeup now! 

Although I had always been cognisant about tossing cream products and mascaras when they expired, I never paid much attention to powder ones. I adopted the policy that if a powder product changed in consistency or scent, I would toss it.

We cannot always see what may be lurking in our products, especially powder ones, they often don't show signs like cream products can, but they too can be full of bacteria that we do not see. I have bumps on parts of my face (not acne), that look like milia or maybe it's from using such old products that possibly contain bacteria and such that I cannot see. We have to be especially careful with eye products though, as we definitey don't need to get an eye infection!

Decluttering makeup that I love is never easy, but after reading that article and opening my eyes up to how old some of my favourite products actually are, this task became easier. This declutter wasn't about whether or not I liked a product, it was about how old they were and it became a necessity to discard them. 

I've had been hanging onto some of my makeup like its life or death! The truth is that some of these products are up to 10 years old, if not more!

In this post, I'm just tackling my eyeshadows and lipsticks. Let's see what I got rid of, but first I'm sharing a chart that has some general guidelines of eyeshadow and other makeup expiration timelines. There are many different opinions on makeup expiry dates, a quick google and you'll see, so I take this chart with a grain of salt. For example, I cannot imagine tossing eyeshadow every 6-12 months and I noticed that my Essence eyeliners have a 36 month expiry. So make sure to check your products for the little expiry icon that indicates the expiry from the date of opening the product.

Source: Google


Small Palettes (one single slipped in here :)
  • Annabelle Nympheas- This was so eye-brightening. I will miss it. Didn't find a dupe. I would repurchase but I don't believe it's available anymore.
  • Sally Beauty eyeshadow single- An okay basic satin shadow. I purchased this one to keep in my purse. Probably would not repurchase.
  • Aloette -(I think)- this is so old there is no writing on the package. It was my absolute favourite. I loved it so much that I didn't want to use it very often... so silly and such a waste! It's so old, that I have no idea when I got it (probably 2008 or earlier)! I would repurchase but don't think it's available.
  • Brian Bailey Foundation duo in Medium -this is a face powder that made the nicest eyeshadow. Discontinued.
  • Wet N Wild Vanity Palette -This was an infamous palette. Luckily, I have a lot of these shades in other palettes. Discontinued.

Single Eyeshadows: 
  • 13 eyeshadows (Mixed variety: Mac, Stila, Quo, Nyx, Pixi, Elf)
  • 2 Jordana blushes 
All of the above were pulled from my Z palette. I don't even want to think about the total value of all of these singles! I should have included the Sally Girl eyeshadow single in this category but it was not in my Z palette.

Large Eyeshadow Palettes:
  • Quo Back to Basics (UD Naked Dupe)- I would absolutely repurchase this if I could!
  • Pacifica Natural Minerals- I would repurchase if I was looking for some all natural eyeshadows and I didn't have such a large collection.

Front of Quo's Back to Basics LE palette

This Back to Basics eyeshadow palette by Quo was very difficult to part with of because it has all of the shades that I love for my everyday eye look. Granted, I did only use the first 6 shades in the palette (the lighter ones). This palette was supposed to be a dupe for Urban Decay's Naked 1 which is also discontinued now.

Change in texture = product turned. Best not to continue to use it.

I received the above Pacifica palette in 2016, so it's not very old but the texture has changed which is a sign that it's gone bad. I wouldn't have decluttered this palette if it wasn't for signs that it has gone bad.

I used different criteria for purging my lipsticks. Anything 3 years or older had to go. And, I know, lipsticks probably expire long before 3 years but I do sanitize my products and rotate them since I own quite a few.

All of the lip products that were decluttered here are ones that I would purchase again.

Lipstick Declutter:

I know that these aren't part of either of the makeup categories featured in this declutter, but I came across them right after tossing the other items and decided to add them to this declutter. These Essence concealers have a 6-month expiry on the packaging and I've had them for about 3 years. I rarely used them as I prefer my LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealers, which have an 18-month expiry stamped on them.

Total decluttered:
  • 14 eyeshadow singles
  • 6 eyeshadow palettes
  • 2 blushes
  • 6 lip products
  • 2 concealers
A grand total of 30 items decluttered!

I am now labelling all of my products so I know exactly how old they are. I just used some address labels and cut to size.

This was definitely eye-opening in terms of paying more attention to my products and their lifespan, and also in terms of the horrible amount of unnecessary waste of money and products! This is one reason that I lean towards purchasing less expensive products; since they do have a lifespan and there is no way I can use up all of my makeup because I'm constantly trying out new products.

I hope you found this post helpful or maybe it inspired you to let go of old, expired products, too.


  1. Wow, you did really well! I am long overdue fora makeup de-clutter. It's just finding the time for it. You've inspired me though!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. Thanks, Di! I ended up finding some expired BB creams today! I've really learned my lesson with makeup and using what I have, since prior to this, I always gave powder products an expiry date of whenever it looks like it's turned. :Z Glad you got inspired by this. xo


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