Thursday, October 11, 2018

If I Could Only Have One | Current Favourite Nail Polish!

I'm revisiting my "If I Could Only Have One" series today. I just have to share my current favourite nail polish with you guys!. If I had to get rid of all of my nail polish and only keep one, this would be it! Easy decision for this category, atm. Although we are in the middle of Fall right now, this isn't a "Fall" colour. I find it a year-round colour, at least for me it is. I go to this colour so often. It's not only a neutral shade and a nude shade (has a cool undertone though), but it goes with everything, and it is also so beautiful. It's Essie's Go Go Geisha #312! I would describe it as a muted-pale-mauve-pink.

I have many pale pinks and nudes, but this colour is different from all my others. The tone is unusual but so beautiful!

 Accent nail colour: Essence My Sparkling Darling #86

Go Go Geisha gives your nails that clean look without having to go for a typical colour like white or off-white. This shade also makes my pale skin look like I have a tan! At least in person, it does. lol

Note: It takes 2 coats to become opaque and streak-free.

More often than not, I like to have an accent nail. In these photos, I am wearing Essence nail colour in My Sparkling Darling, a rosy glitter. Maybe not appropriate for some workplaces but Go Go Geisha on its own certainly would be.

I don't have the best nails nor am I good at painting them. The camera also doesn't show the colour in all its glory and I have not used any filters in the photos but hopefully, you can see a bit of its beauty and try it out for yourself and see. If you like nudes and want something a little bit different, you will love Go Go Geisha!

What's is your current favourite nail polish? Let me know in the comments! xo

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