Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January Health and Beauty Haul: Makeup, Supplements and More!

I have been placing an order with iHerb pretty much every month for as long as I can remember. This month I ordered some of my must-have items plus a little makeup. I love that iHerb carries health and beauty products (including ELF cosmetics and Real Techniques), it's like a one-stop shop for me.

Here I'll share with you what I ordered this month, with a little info on each product and links where possible.

California Gold Nutrition CoQ10- This isn't my usual brand of CoQ10 but it's on sale for such a great price that I figured I'd give it a try. It's fermented, non-GMO and soy free! I take this for heart health and overall health. I feel that anyone over 40 can benefit from Q10! I take just one a day.

Now Foods Xyliwhite Toothpaste- If you follow my blog, you probably know that this is my favourite fluoride-free toothpaste! It's also SLS free, gluten free, and paraben free! Right now it's on sale for only $1!

Healthy Origins 5-HTP - This is fabulous for mood and sleep. I've read that it's supposed to help reduce cravings and therefore help with weigh loss too. I take 50-100mg if I can't sleep or if I wake and need helping nodding off again.

Nature's Way Vitex- A Woman's supplement used for overall health and balance in a woman's cycle. I cannot take progesterone, even bio-identical, so I take vitex to help raise my progesterone levels. I try to take 2 per day but often only take 1.

Now Foods Evening Primrose Oil- Another great supplement for women. It has naturally occurring GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid), an omega-6 fatty acid. It's great for our immune system, skin, vascular system, and hormone health. It's also supposed to help with PMS. This supplement also promotes progesterone. This one is non-GMO and Hexane-free! I buy this big-daddy size as it's more cost effective. If I would remember to I'd take 2 a day but I only take one, so this bottle lasts for 250 days!

Elf Eyeshadow Compact in Smokey Eyes- I couldn't resist this palette, it's on sale for a steal! I have this compact in another colour and the pigmentation is just amazing. Elf is Cruelty-free! :D (Note: this one isn't for me.. wink wink)

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I purchased from iHerb this month. I know I love to see what people like to purchase and why. Hopefully you found some of the information helpful too.

If you have never shopped at iHerb before, you can get $5 off your order by using this link (note: this is a referral link and we both benefit if you choose to use it. If you do use it, I do appreciate it very much!)

Please check iHerb's links at the top of their website for fabulous deals under "trials" and "daily deals." 

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  1. Looks like a great haul! I had no idea iHerb carried RT and elf. Making a note of that for sure! Thanks for submitting to the Best of the Blogosphere!

    1. They even have PF! Plus a lot of natural brands too. Love shopping there but can be dangerous! ;)

  2. Awesome finds! I love the NOW brand - and I love that toothpaste! Definitely checking out the rest of the items. Thanks for sharing in the #BestoftheBlogosphere Link-Up!

    1. That toothpaste is the best! Hope to see you next week at #BestoftheBlogosphere :)


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