Monday, September 28, 2015

30 Days of Fitness Challenge: Update!

I wanted to update those who may had been following my 30 Days of Fitness Challenge, and also put some closure on this one. My last post in my 30 Days of Fitness Challenge was on April 30th, you can find that post HERE.  The original post to the challenge can be found HERE.

It was a pretty difficult summer for me, with sick family members among other issues. So working out was put on the back-burner for much of the summer. I still did go from doing nothing to doing a variety of workouts, from yoga to HIIT and cardio. Despite this and relatively healthy eating, I was not losing weight.

I ended up having blood work done and found out that I am hypo-thyroid. I had been hypo-thyroid years ago, but once I stopped having soy products my thyroid went back to normal. That`s a whole other story. But, I can tell you, I`m not the only one, this happened to a friend of mine also. Needless to say, I've stayed away from soy since then. But, now I find myself dealing with Hypo-thyroidism again.

I have started a thyroid med that was prescribed by an M.D. who practices bio-identical medicines. He does not prescribe synthetic medications. My understanding is that one that I have started is made from a pig. oink oink.  OK, it`s kind of gross.  I am only on a 15mg dose which I think is low, and I am now due to retest my blood and see where I am at.

This doesn't mean that I've given up on working out. I just have a lot of my focus elsewhere. But, when I can, I do short, at home workouts with weights, cardio and yoga. Although I like variety in my workouts, I am really interested in starting to do some weight lifting. I don't mean that I want to look like a body builder, I just want to feel strong and keep my muscle tone as I am aging. I have actually lost muscle tone, so even getting some back would be great at this point.

I have a few free weights at home, my highest being 8 lbs. There is a gym opening up near my house that is a no-frills gym, so it will have cardio and weight machines and that's about it. But, it's only $10 per month, so I am likely going to join and work on my cardio and weight training there. I will always keep up a yoga practice at home with my assorted DVD's.

I'm sorry if I left anyone who may have been following this challenge hanging, that wasn't my intention. So, while I close this "challenge," I will most likely start up a new one once I've joined the gym. For now, I will continue to work on my thyroid issue, trying to eat healthy, and some at home workouts.

Scored these new workout leggings at Winners for inspiration to keep going! :)



  1. All the best dealing with your hypo-thyroid. Must be tough when trying to get fit.

    1. Thanks! It makes it very challenging to lose weight for sure. And we are still working on finding the right balance of medication. The blood tests are tough because I only have one good vein! :(


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