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What Is Zinc Oxide Sunscreen?

Considering sunscreen as your soulmate? Then you must know what is a Zinc Oxide sunscreen. Zinc Oxide sunscreen is highly preferred for sensitive skin. The ingredient is used in a broad-spectrum sunscreen for better protection of the skin. It forms a thin layer on the skin and keeps the harmful UV rays at bay.

Zinc Oxide sunscreen prevents premature ageing, and sunburn, and even reduces the possibility of skin cancer. It protects the skin from damage and keeps it healthy. Let’s take an in-depth look at what is a Zinc Oxide sunscreen with its ever-lasting and effective benefits.

What Is Zinc Oxide Sunscreen?

Zinc Oxide [ZnO] is a mineral sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. It forms a physical barrier on the skin and works wonders. The sunscreen is highly preferred for its effectiveness and suitability for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin often goes through irritation, Zinc Oxide sunscreen is a perfect choice to prevent irritation. This white powdery material is safe for marine life too.

When used in its nano form it is safe for marine life while going for a swim. Hence, it doesn’t break down or wash away in water. Fortunately, Zinc Oxide is produced synthetically and comes naturally in the form of zincite. This makes it the safest and most effective sunscreen ingredient. Zinc Oxide is quite rare and it’s not commercially available.

What Is A Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Made Of?

Zinc Oxide (ZnO) is in its natural form mineral zincite. Zinc Oxide in sunscreen is a white powdery ingredient and is derived from natural zinc. After that, it’s purified for use. Zinc is then finely grinded and the sizes are then reduced by a Zinc Oxide manufacturer for use in sunscreens and cosmetics. The sunscreen also doesn’t include any synthetic colourants.

Zinc Oxide sunscreen is known for its broad-spectrum protection from harmful rays. Instead of relying on chemical ingredients, Zinc Oxide the sunscreen opt for physical blocking mechanisms. This shields the skin from harmful rays. Unlike other chemical sunscreens, Zinc Oxide non-nano sunscreens do not absorb on the skin and minimise the risk of skin irritation. The presence of natural zinc makes it more effective and safe to use on a daily basis.

Who Can Use Zinc Oxide Sunscreen On Face?

Literally, everyone! Zinc Oxide sunscreen is one of the most effective ones and is suitable for all skin types making it unique. Whether you have oily skin or sensitive skin, Zinc Oxide is an ideal pick. Zinc Oxide sunscreen even helps with inflammation and reduces the irritation on the skin. It even has anti-microbial properties and is ideal for acne-prone skin.

Is Zinc Oxide Sunscreen In Nano Or Non-Nano Form Suitable For Skin?

The preference for Zinc Oxide in nano or non-nano form comes down to the suitability of an individual. However, there’s a slight difference between the two forms. Both have their effectiveness in working on the skin. Before picking a Zinc Oxide sunscreen, you can check for the size of the particles. Let's break it down for you!

1. Nano-Nano Zinc Oxide

In non-nano form, the particles are larger. This makes it sit on the surface of the skin. Using non-nano particles makes it much safer as it doesn’t absorb into the skin. This creates a protective barrier. Inhaling Zinc Oxide can be damaging to the lungs. Non-Nano Zinc Oxide also protects us from inhaling it. Though Zinc Oxide in its non-nano form is effective and safe, it tends to leave a white cast on the skin for some people.

2. Nano Zinc Oxide

Nanoparticles are much smaller in size. These particles are less than 100 nanometers. This makes it an elegant choice for cosmetics. If you want a transparent look then nano Zinc Oxide is perfect for you. In addition, it effectively absorbs ultraviolet light. Nanoparticles are not preferable for marine life. It washes out on water and causes coral bleaching.


Zinc Oxide sunscreens are an ideal choice if you do not prefer chemical sunscreen. It will not only protect your skin from harmful rays but also make it look young and healthy. Before going for a particular Zinc Oxide sunscreen, you can consult a dermatologist. There is another great ingredient Zinc Oxide that is suitable for sensitive skin. This is Titanium Dioxide.



1. Does Zinc Oxide Cause Cancer?

Current research doesn’t show any sign of cancer due to the use of Zinc Oxide found in sunscreens and cosmetics.

2. Is Sunscreen With Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide Safe?

Yes! Sunscreens that include Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide as an ingredient are relatively safer than chemical sunscreens.

3. What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Zinc Oxide In Sunscreen?

One of the main disadvantages of using Zinc Oxide in sunscreen is that it might leave a white cast on the skin. But this depends upon the brand of the Zinc Oxide sunscreen used.

4. How Long Does Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Last?

Zinc Oxide sunscreen works immediately on the skin and it doesn’t expire. One should also reapply Zinc Oxide sunscreen every two hours for maximum protection.


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