Sunday, August 7, 2022

Weekly Favourite | Portable Mini Fan Combats Hot Flashes + Insomnia

This week's Weekly Favourite is much like last week's, in that it is more like an all-time favourite/ where have you been all my life?!

If you have trouble sleeping, toss and turn in bed all night,  have hot flashes or just run hot, you might need this portable handheld fan. 

I had no idea how much I needed this mini handheld fan until I used it. It single-handedly stops my hot flashes in their tracks and turns my nights of tossing and turning into nights of waking up a few times instead. 

This mini fan fits in the palm of my hand. It has 3 speeds and charges with a USB cable. It has a battery built in so you can take it on the go, and can also run it while it's plugged in. I actually let it run all night long while I'm sleeping and use it many times during the day, especially when a hot flash hits. I have only used it on the low setting, which gives me a nice gentle, cooling breeze and it's quite quiet on low. 

It comes with a small base (shown above) which keeps it upright on my table. I keep it nearby all day and anytime a hot flash hits, I reach for the fan, aim it at my face, turn it on low and within seconds my hot flash is obliterated! It's truly amazing! Until I find a way to balance my hormones to get rid of hot flashes altogether, this little fan is working miracles at stopping my hot flashes. Even if you don't have hot flashes, but run hot and feel uncomfortable, this fan will surely come in handy to cool you down anytime. 

From the very first night that I used this fan while I slept, I couldn't believe the difference when I woke up the next day and found I had only woken up a few times instead of tossing and turning ALL night long. I have a small turbofan at the other end of my room that I also run at night and it helps keep the room cooler and gives me the white noise that I need, but there is something about the cool, gentle breeze in my face from this mini fan that is making a huge difference for me. I keep it plugged in on my bedside table and aim it at my face while I sleep and the improvement in my sleep is amazing, something I wasn't even expecting! The fan only cost me $19 with taxes, but I really couldn't put a price on it in terms of the benefits that I'm reaping!

Portable and fits in the palm of my hand. Can be charged and used on the go. Also works while plugged in with the USB cable.

The fan can be tilted up and down.

This portable mini fan has been invaluable to me for improving my sleep and stopping my hot flashes in their tracks. I honestly didn't think I needed this fan because I already have a turbofan in my bedroom that I run at night but I was wrong. I need this fan more than anything at this point. I had no idea how much I would benefit from it or I would have purchased one long ago and I wish I had. As they say, better late than never. 

There are so many mini fans like this to choose from and prices range from $10 and up. Some can be charged and used on the go while some others only operate while plugged in. Some are noisier than others, and there are various sizes and colours, too. Luckily, Amazon has a good return policy so you can find the one that works for you. 

A few other uses:
  • Car AC is broken
  • Camping
  • Gym
  • Travel
  • Work
  • Babies or kids room
  • Setting makeup 
  • Power outages (requires rechargeable one)

This model is no longer available.  Find similar linked below:

Canada - Mini fan
USA- Mini fan 

Stay cool! 😎

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