Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The Fur-Bearers | Take Action to End Fur Farming in Canada

British Columbia's ban on mink farming has led to a strong movement to see fur farming banned across Canada - and there's an important step that requires your participation!

In May, The Fur-Bearers sent a fur farming brief to every Member of Parliament (MP) in Canada asking if they support an end to fur farming. You can download and read the full brief on our blog post by clicking hereNow it's time for citizen action: we need you to connect with your MP and express why this matters to you.

To help you do this, The Fur-Bearers has created a citizen engagement toolkit that has everything you need to know about fur farming and how to arrange a meeting with your MP. The free, online toolkit includes information on how to look up your MP, statistics, and talking points about fur farming you can raise during your meeting.

Summer is when MPs usually return to their home ridings before the next legislative session resumes, so now is the best time to arrange a meeting. It’s crucial that elected representatives hear from their local constituents on issues that matter to them.

Find everything you need to talk to your MP about ending fur farming in Canada on our Action page at To help grow the movement to end fur farming in Canada, make sure you share the page with your social media circles or via email

 (click here to get started).

Thanks for your support!

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