Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Black Leaves | Australia's Leader in Detox Teas

I usually like to do a detox every season or at least every other season. I've heard a lot of buzz online about the Australian brand, Black Leaves, one of Australia's most loved boutique tea brands.

Black Leaves is known as one of the major Butterfly Pea Flower suppliers and one of the best Australian tea boutiques where they hand-make their herbal teas. They are based in Perth, Australia.  Black Leaves was created by Anthony Loggia who created his first herbal blend inspired by the health challenges that his mother faced during her life. After a chance meeting with a woman during a trip to Thailand, Anthony was introduced to a calming blend of herbal teas. 

After trying the tea, it was the first time in years that Anthony felt so relaxed and light-hearted. He started to wonder whether there were other herbs that could be used to help his mum get back into shape. With the guidance of his mentor Anong, he designed his first unique weight loss blend that, in only six months, brought his mum back to her original weight.

By researching different varieties, they created a selection of blends to help others resolve their health issues such as unwanted weight or obesity, stress and anxiety and lack of energy. For example, their NewMe 28 program includes a perfect combination of herbs to maximize weight loss.

Detox teas are a natural and gentle way to cleanse and rid your body of excess waste and toxins. Black Leaves, has a range of delicious and powerful detox teas. From their #1 selling detox tea program "New Me28" to fat-burning, weight-loss teas, and more! 

Black Leaves has formulated the most effective herbs for detoxifying your body. They've helped thousands of women slim down, and become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves. 

I fully believe in the healing power of herbal teas. They have done wonders for me personally and I like that they are a gentle, yet effective way to achieve weight loss and/or detoxing without the harsh side effects that some products can have.

Black Leaves will be coming to Canada soon and I can't wait! 🍃

This post is in collaboration with Black Leaves

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