Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-Conscious Products for the Whole Family!

Celebrating Earth Day (April 22nd) by sharing some fabulous eco-friendly, sustainable products for the whole family! 🌎 

You can't get much more eco-friendly than the Humble toothbrushes which are 100% biodegradable and made with sustainably grown bamboo!

Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, so there is no need to use pesticides during its cultivation. This product is 100% recyclable and the box is made from recycled materials. It's also vegan, cruelty-free, and BPA-free!

Every Humble purchase goes towards funding oral-care projects for children in need!

Available at and London Drugs.


Foamie has done it again with some fabulous new plastic-reduced solutions with their Hibiscus Shampoo and Conditioner bars for damaged hair (other options are also available).

These are perfect for home and travel. Each bar its own cord for hanging which is labeled "shampoo" and "conditioner" so there is no mixing them up! Each bar will last for approximately 25 uses!

They are PH balanced for healthy hair and scalp. Plus, these contain hibiscus and nettle extract which invigorates and strengthens damaged hair.

With 0% Plastic, PEGs, Mineral Oil, Silicones, Lilial, and Soap.

They are vegan, cruelty-free, and #plasticfree

Available at with 20% off for Earth Day with code EARTH20. More retailers coming soon.

Inecto Naturals Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner are another all-natural and eco-friendly option. Say goodbye to dry hair with the thirst-quenching organic coconut oil in these beauties, and let the scent transport you to a relaxing virtual vacation. 🌴πŸ₯₯

Inecto Naturals are a range of haircare and body care products that have been developed with organic oils and are up to 98% natural. From moisturizing coconut to nourishing avocado, each range within the Inecto portfolio uses the power of natural ingredients to provide a meaningful benefit to different needs.

These products are also vegan and cruelty-free.

Available at Rexall, London Drugs, Guardian IDA, and Pharmasave stores.

Hawkins and Brimble offer results-focused natural products that are formulated with simple, natural ingredients⁠.

Their Daily Energizing Moisturizer contains nourishing Avena Sativa Kernel Oil and oatmeal extract, this quick-absorbing hydrator feeds the skin with fortifying omegas 3 and 6 and Vitamin E to help boost your skin's defence against dullness and roughness and restore pH balance. Ginseng is renowned for its skin brightening properties while Caffeine powder helps to revive skin.

They are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and environmentally friendly.

Available at, more retailers to come.

Splat Naturals is one of the first EXTREME SEMI-PERMANENT hair dyes to provide environmentally friendly packaging in a 95% Natural formula. 

These bold shades are conditioning, long-lasting (up to 30 washes), and provide a no-mess application. This one-step process provides the same bold vivid color Splat is known for but in a natural formula. Splat Naturals lets you express your individuality with a naturally formulated dye that does less damage to your hair and the environment.

This product is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and eco-friendly.

Other colours are available.

Available at,, more retailers to come.


7th Heaven, who has been walking this talk for 30+ years. That includes opening an ‘Eco Factory’ in 1994, and Implementation of a wind turbine in 2001 to help with its carbon footprint.

Their products are made with minimum processing, using pure and natural ingredients derived from plant and mineral sources. All the plant ingredients are grown using sustainable farming methods. They actively look for unusual ingredients that support ethical causes.

They are PETA-approved, cruelty-free, and vegetarian, many are vegan too!

7th Heaven is my go-to brand for eco-friendly, affordable face masks and has been for years! They have so many variations to choose from! 😍

Available at Rexall, Pharmachoice, Guardian, London Drugs, Jean Coutu, Brunet, and Uniprix - new Superfood masks are currently available at is offering 20% off for Earth Day with code EARTH20.

By choosing natural, sustainable, and earth-friendly products, we can all make such a huge impact on our beloved planet over time.  I hope this post gave you some new ideas for earth-friendly products to try out πŸƒ

Happy Earth Day 2021, everyone! 

Thank you to Farleyco Beauty for the fabulous all-natural and eco-friendly products!

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