Sunday, February 21, 2021

Whish Firming Sleeping Mask Review | Anti aging

I love products like this Whish Firming Sleeping Mask. They are no-fuss and so easy to use. Unfortunately, it made my face breakout so I used the entire bottle on my neck as I didn't want to waste the product and it worked out quite well that way! My skin feels hydrated, lines are smoothed and my skin looks firmer. 
The skin on our neck is much thinner than our faces so it actually needs even more care than the skin on our face. I wish I knew this when I was younger. I would have paid much more attention to it when I was younger to prevent issues rather than having to treat it now. If you're younger, learn from my mistake!


The consistency is gel-like and has a light, fresh scent. It feels very hydrating but isn't greasy at all. I use it as the last step in my skincare routine (on my neck only) to lock in all of the moisture. It can actually be used both day and night because it isn't greasy.


Let our Rose Hip + Lotus Firming Sleep Mask do all the work while you get your beauty rest! Evenings are the time for our skin to rest and rejuvenate—which is why it’s so important to use quality anti-aging skincare products at night. This deliciously rich, overnight mask helps to strengthen and revive skin while you sleep. Using all-natural firming ingredients, it works to deliver intense moisturization while softening fine lines and refining texture. One dose of this incredible mask and your skin will feel softer and appear younger and firmer, too!

Key ingredients:

OVERNIGHT FIRMING: shiitake edodes, rosehip oil, gotu kola
INTENSE MOISTURIZATION: organic argan oil, jojoba seed oil, chia seed oil
CALMING AND SOOTHING: organic aloe, organic chamomile, horse chestnut extract

Although I do like this product and enjoyed using it, I find the $54 price tag a bit steep, and I feel like I can get the same results for less with other similar products. But, the good news is that it takes very little product, making this jar last for a long time, especially when just using it on your neck. I will reevaluate after using some similar products that are less expensive. 

Whish Firming Sleeping Mask retails for $54 for 2 oz.

Tip: If you have some great skincare that doesn't jive with your face, try it on your neck or chest or even an area of your body that you'd like to treat.

 What firming masks do you recommend?



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