Sunday, February 28, 2021

Quick and Easy Daily Quarantine Makeup Routine | Beauty Over 50

Sharing my current daily quarantine makeup routine! 💕

Since quarantine, my makeup routine has become even more low-key and streamlined and I'm loving it!

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer is the first step in my quick and easy makeup routine. It's great for blemishes, dark spots, under eyes 👀. It takes very little product and I make sure to use it sparingly under my eyes as it can get cakey looking on my aging skin. I've also had the shade Brightener in this concealer and I only used that shade under my eyes because it has a pink-y tone to it. I do prefer the Brightener shade for the under eyes as it cancels out dark tones and seems to have a thinner consistency so I found it to be less cakey for the eye area.  I also prefer LA Girl Pro Conceal HD for my under eyes because it's more hydrating but I'm currently out of it.

The second step in my routine is to apply Doll 10 Colour Correcting Powder all over. It has light coverage and evens my skin tone out. It's a more sheer powder so it doesn't look cakey.

I use this palette for a one-and-done look with a matte mid-tone shade in the crease. It's been my favourite everyday palette for quite some time and is fabulous for aging eyes!

I use this single blush as my blush, bronzer, and highlight. It's VERY light, perfect for a no-makeup-makeup look. At first, I didn't even think it would show up on my skin tone but it does without any other blush or bronzer applied. It is also buildable and pretty much goof-proof because it's so light. Because it's so light, it works best in this way for lighter skin tones but would probably make a great highlight for deeper skin tones as it has a beautiful subtle sheen to it.

I love this clear mascara to tame my brows. It holds them in place and makes them look nicely groomed without any crunchiness or flaking. Once this is finished, I will probably try out Covergirl's clear brow gel/ mascara as they are now cruelty-free.

This is a great mascara if you like big lashes! Even if I was to wear no makeup at all, I always like to have big lashes, even a bit clumpy, it really helps to frame the eyes and make them look open and awake. The wand on this is a bit big for my hooded eyes so I usually end up having to clean up a spot or two from my lids, but this is nothing new for me when it comes to mascaras. This was a sample so once it's gone I will most likely go back to Essence Lash Princess, it gives me the same look for much less.

 Step 7 -Nars Lip Balm in Laguna (free Sephora birthday gift) 

I have a full review of this product along with the matching bronzer linked here. This lip balm is hydrating with just a hint of colour. It's very sheer, so it will look different on everyone depending on your natural lip colour.

This has been my go-to routine for quite a while now for days that I do wear makeup. It seems to be all I need.

Happy Sunday!


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