Sunday, January 12, 2020

Getting a Safe Tan Without the Sun | James Read H20 Tanning Drops Review

Sometimes I forget how pale I can get until the middle of winter arrives and I'm looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost! I'm not really a fan of this look on me. Some may like or suit a pale look, but not me. I look best with some colour on my face, which is why I have always been such a fan of blush and bronzer. With my chronic lack of sleep, I'm even more in need of a bit of a healthy-looking tan!

I recently started using James Read H20 Gradual Tanning Drops for the face (30ml/ SRP $35), I like to call it "sunshine in a bottle!" You just add a few drops to your skincare (serum or moisturizer) and apply to your face and neck. Within hours, you end up with a beautiful, natural-looking tan without the orangeness that many sunless tanners provide, so you don't run the risk of looking like Donald Trump! 😄 You can control the level of tan that you achieve by using more or less drops and it's also buildable.

The drops are like the consistency of water but it's super easy to apply when you add it to your moisturizer, which is the recommended way to apply it. In the past, a lot of self-tanners made me not only look orange but they'd up on going on streaky. This one does neither of those things. It is also mostly free of the typical self-tanner scent. It has a barely detectable scent, which I appreciate.

James Read has many tanning products which I am eager to try now. From body tanning drops (linked here), to face masks, and self-tanners with special skincare ingredients, even makeup!

These drops are such a great way to get a really natural, healthy-looking tan without the harmful rays of the sun or tanning beds. I feel more confident and can use a lot less makeup when I use these drops. I look healthier and that makes me feel more confident.

Shop Now (30ml/ SRP $35) 

Currently $25 on!

Have you tried any products by James Read? If so, what do I need to try next? 

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