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Health & Beauty Trends in the Fashion World

Health & Beauty Trends in the Fashion World

Beauty and health trends are constantly changing, and the new ones emerge before we even have the time to experiment with the current ones. We’ve singled out a few trends that are likely to highlight the world of fashion in 2019.

Fresh makeup alert

Certainly, this year won't be the monotonous one when it comes to makeup. It will bring colors and new energy to your face while leaving enough space to emphasize your natural beauty and achieve the famous “no makeup” makeup look. Forget about the rules when it comes to your eyeshadow game, and let the party start. Add some life to your eyelids with yellow, lavender and pink because these are the new it colors. Although these colors are not recommended as your daily makeup look, it would be a real pleasure to apply these bold shades in the evening combining them with nude lipliners or lipsticks. According to the latest 2019 trends, metallic eyeshadow palette will continue to rock your world this season as well, so keep your glittery palettes at hand, since you're definitely going to need them for special and festive occasions. The focus will also be on your eyeliner, so try to perfect your wing eye technique. Black eyeliner will get its reinforcement in the form of a colored eyeliner, which is creamy and pigmented. For the perfect pop of color opt for the red, blue, yellow and purple.

Brain health

A healthy and regular lifestyle is essential for keeping your brain healthy. Many of us have an irregular lifestyle due to our hectic schedules, and it gets pretty difficult to get enough sleep and relax. You have to make an effort to create a sleep rhythm as constant as possible by going to bed at a fixed time. And even when you're travelling and dealing with jet lag, try sticking to your routine. Also, before bedtime, put your phone away and turn on the flight mode. Do some reading or anything else that helps you relax and switch off from the world. Begin every morning with a meditation session to make sure you've started your day with a clear mind. Recently, the Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes shared her own tips on social media, and it's great how some of the biggest names in the fashion industry speak their mind on such an important topic.

All vegan everything

In recent years, vegan cosmetics and skincare products have found their place under the sun, and we are more than thankful for this rising trend. When it comes to hair products, you should always go for the ones that will treat your hair the way it deserves to be treated. Find your own organic hair growth shampoo at the store, since it smooths your hair texture and gently cleans your scalp. We all need a detox from time to time, and this could definitely be your lifesaver. Also, more and more women and makeup artists go for the foundations that are vegan, long-wearing, cruelty and paraben free, as well as free of fragrance and oils. Plus, they leave your skin super radiant and fresh. It's always satisfying to read this vegan-friendly description on the back of your favorite products which makes your beauty routine more enjoyable.

Eat your blues?

Forget about the green spirulina and welcome the blue one. This one is a type of blue-green algae and it's got many benefits. It contains B-vitamins, vitamin E, beta-carotene and it's high in protein (also used as a vegan source of protein). It also contains chlorophyll, minerals and antioxidants. It comes in powder form and you can mix it with your favorite food combo and create one healthy and delicious bowl.

Perfect avocado toasts with eggs
Since we often eat on the go and don't have time to eat before work, it's time for a small healthy change you're actually going to love. It takes only five minutes to make this super tasty meal, and even shorter to indulge in it, but it's fine. Avocado toast is extremely popular, not only for its instagrammable properties, but because it’s yummy as hell. To make your perfect breakfast, you'll need a piece of wholegrain toast, smashed avocado to spread on top, two soft-boiled eggs, organic red pepper flakes and caraway seeds. If this isn't the most valid excuse for not skipping breakfast, I don't know what is.

Which of these trends have you decided to follow?

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