Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Cocoa Locks Hair Growth Hot Chocolate | 3.5 Week Results!

Longer, stronger, and healthier hair from a cup of hot cocoa?! Yep!

I began using Cocoa Locks on January 6th of this year, so the photos in this post show my results after only 3.5 weeks of use, and the results are amazing! You can check out my original post on Cocoa Locks HERE.

Before and after photos are taken with my hair parted in the same spot, taken at the same angle. I do not have any products on my hair or scalp in either photo.

I took this photo just to see if I would be able to see any visible difference in my hair since I started @cocoalocksofficial ☕ I figured that taking a photo at my roots, where my new hair growth comes in, might be telling and it sure is! πŸ™Œ.

The first thing I noticed when I started Cocoalocks was A LOT less hair falling out. I used to collect a pile of hair beside me while running my hands through my hair.... I no longer do that! You can also see that my hair is much denser and there is quite a bit of regrowth since the first picture on January 4th. 🀩

I'm so happy with my results. I have to admit, I was a skeptic but I'm not anymore. I've been drinking the hot chocolate once a day and I'm looking forward to trying the shake. These hair vitamins in the form of hot chocolate work!!! (Note: I have nothing in my hair or on my scalp in either photo). These results are real!

Cocoa Locks contains Biotin, Folic acid, Selenium, and zinc which all support the growth of healthy hair.

From Cocoa Locks:
  • Formulated for fuller & longer hair*
  • More powerful and effective than vitamins or gummies
  • Say goodbye to damaged, broken hair*
  • Achieve healthier hair from within*
  • Low calories, low fat. Only 26 calories a mug
  • Tastes great, so that you won't want to miss a dose
  • Contains Selenium, Zinc & Biotin, which have been clinically proven to achieve longer hair. 
Ingredients: Sugar, sweet whey powder (milk) , fat-reduced cocoa powder 14.5%, skimmed- milk powder, biotin, folic acid, selenium enriched yeast, zinc sulphate, salt, thickener (E 466), anti-caking agent (E 551), flavouring. (See Cocoa Locks website for nutritional information, linked below).

Cocoa Locks guarantees results and I can see why! 

Check us out of Instagram: cocoalocksofficial  / HBG

Not sponsored. Product provided free for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Huge Empties | Makeup, Skincare, Health, Pet Care!

My last empties was in November (linked here), so I've accumulated quite a bit of empties since then. I had so much, that I had to exclude some from this post as it was just too much!

There is still quite a bit so I will keep the info as brief as possible. I will include links to products where possible. Prices won't be included as they are forever changing.

This fab product escaped from my skincare photo

Equate Aloe Vera Continuous Spray:
I am not happy with the fact that this product contains parabens but until I find a better option, this is very effective and convenient to use with my NuFace. I use The Body Shop's Vitamin E Essence for my face and I use this when I treat my neck. It has a super fine mist and it's easy to apply. It's the only Aloe I've found that doesn't sting my eyes and skin.

Repurchase ✔

Garnier Micellar Water for Dry and Sensitive Skin:
I adore this micellar water and have backups galore! I not only use it to remove makeup, but I also use it often as my AM cleanse. It doesn't affect the PH of my skin like water does, it's gentle and hydrating, and it is enough for a morning cleanse since there isn't much dirt to remove.

Repurchase ✔

Reviva Labs Rosewater Facial Spray:
Love this rosewater toner. It's hydrating and soothing with aloe, herbs, minerals, and hyaluronic acid. I transferred it to my George's Always Active Aloe Spray bottle because I like the fine mist that the bottle has.

Repurchase ✔

Holistic Vanity Rosacea Care:
I love most of the products that I've tried from Pure + Simple Skincare (Holistic Vanity is a line of theirs). This product was just okay for me. I didn't notice anything from using it, although I don't have rosacea so it may work for those who suffer from it. I will stick with other products from Pure + Simple like their oils and serums that I love.

Repurchase ✖

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream:
I know a lot of people love this skin cream. I did not. I much prefer my Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Replenishing Moisturizer or the Cetaphil moisturizer shown in this post as they keep the moisture in my dehydrated skin much better than this cream does. It turned out to be an expensive hand cream for me.

Repurchase ✖

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel:
I received this sample from Sephora. I used it for 3 days and I found it drying and a bit irritating for my skin, it also caused my skin to breakout. It does have great reviews and it's something I could probably use occasionally but there are cheaper options that do the same thing, IMO.

Repurchase ✖

Cetaphil Hydrating Night Cream:
Apparently, this cream wanted a feature of his own as he snuck out of my skincare photo. I LOVE this night cream! I found it so hydrating for my dehydrated skin! I have a full review on it (linked here). Excellent cream if you have dehydrated or dry skin. It's lightweight and contains hyaluronic acid. A really great skin cream and beats out a lot of high-end products for me. My only gripe is that it's so expensive in Canada compared to the price in the USA!

Repurchase ✔


Paula's Choice Lip and Body Treatment Balm:
This product is great as a moisturizing barrier on your lips, although you can use it anywhere. I love that Paula's Choice doesn't use fragrances in their products. The little tub lasts forever if you are just using it on your lips.

Repurchase ✔

Essence I ❤ Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara:
Another winning mascara from Essence. It gives me long and full lashes. I do prefer their Lash Princess but this would be my second choice for an affordable and fabulous mascara.

Repurchase ✔

Almay One Coat Mega Volume Mascara:
I love a lot of Almay products, this isn't one of them. I gave it 3 chances and it was absolutely horrible! The brush design made it impossible to apply and I have never had worse looking lashes. When I used this mascara, I looked like I had 3 eyelashes per eye! Somehow this has all 5-star reviews on Amazon! (Below is a photo of the wand).

Repurchase ✖


Garden of Life My Kind Organics Women's Once Daily Multi-Vitamin:
This is one of my favourite Multi-Vitamins. It's not overstimulating (I have sleep issues). The ingredients are fantastic and it's vegan. One of the few multi's where I actually feel a difference.

Repurchase ✔

Nature's Answer Rhodiola 100mg:
This is my favourite Rhodiola and I've been using it for years. It's a fabulous adaptogen and helps us deal with stress. I am currently trying out Adrenasmart, which contains the same dose of Rhodiola so it won't have to repurchase, atm.

Repurchase ✔

A. Vogel Avenaforce:
This is a tincture containing extract of oats. I used to find it a big help with my sleep issues so I decided to give it another try. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me this time. If you have sleep issues, it's worth giving this supplement a try. It should work for someone with average sleep issues.

Repurchase ✖

Eidon Ionic Minerals Silica:
Silica is an essential mineral involved in collagen formation and calcium management. This is a fab product but it's pricey. I am going to switch to Biosil and see how that goes. I mean if Christie Brinkley uses Biosil... πŸ˜„

Repurchase ✖

BHI Calming Homoeopathic Tablets:
LOVE this homoeopathic composition. I don't feel a difference when I take it but it does help a bit with my sleep issues. I also take it when I wake up. There are no contraindications with homoeopathics which is one reason I love them so much.

Repurchase ✔

Webber Naturals Super Sleep:
This product contains a small amount of melatonin, L-theanine, and 5 HTP. It's a very effective product. The first time I tried it I slept for about 12 hours straight! Now, I can only take it on and off as it will make my sleep more restless if I take it too many nights in a row (I have a very sensitive constitution). I like that you can break the tablets into halves or quarters, whatever you like, it's super helpful when I just need a tiny dose. This is usually available at Costco, too.

Repurchase ✔

Homeocan Homeopathic Medicine Insomnia:
Love this one! This worked wonders and I need to repurchase it asap!

Repurchase ✔


Madre Labs CocoCeps Organic Dark Cocoa Beverage:
I drink this most mornings with protein powder as a smoothie. It tastes great and has certified organic cordyceps and reishi mushroom powders. So many health benefits!

Repurchase ✔

Jason Healthy Mouth Mouthwash:
I've been using this for years. It contains so many wonderful and natural ingredients for healthy teeth and gums. It lasts forever as you can dilute it with water 1:1, so the bottle basically doubles in size.

Repurchase ✔

Now Foods Xyli White Toothpaste:
Another product that I've been using for years. I've had better dental checkups since using it. It's fluoride-free, SLS-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, and it tastes great! Note: it's also available in mint flavours if cinnamon isn't your jam.

Repurchase ✔


Dr. Mercola Astaxanthin for Cats & Dogs:
Astaxanthin has so many health benefits for us as well as our pets. Unfortunately, my cat won't touch the stuff, I think he has some sensitivity to it. Although he wouldn't touch this, I recently gave him Krill oil by a different brand and we think he had a bad reaction to it. Krill also contains astaxanthin so we will stay away from it. If your pet can take astaxanthin, it's worth giving it to them. If you read about the benefits, you will be amazed. A shame that my boy can't take this. My cat does love and benefits from Dr. Mercola's Ubiquinol/ Q10 for pets.

Repurchase ✖

Sunforce True Colloidal Silver 10PPM:
Colloidal Silver is excellent to keep on hand for your pet's health. It can be used topically as well as internally. Excellent for many types of infections. The brand we used to buy at the pet store is no longer available so I purchase the same PPM (parts per million) at the health food store.

Repurchase ✔

HyaFlex Hyaluronic Acid For Joints (Cat Formula):
I notice a difference with my cat's sensitivity in his back and leg area, it is definitely reduced while he takes this. It's a clear and tasteless liquid that I put in his wet food and he has no problem taking it. Unfortunately, it is expensive but it's worth it. For now, I give him half the dose to make it more affordable.

Repurchase ✔

I hope you enjoyed hearing about what I loved or not so much. 

Always check with your doctor or health care practitioner before beginning any new supplements for yourself or your pets. 

Have a great week!

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Shopping Haul From Winners, Marshall's, Sally's Beauty Supply and More!

Here's another random shopping haul from this week.  I figured I'd share my purchases just in case any of you are interested in these products. As you know, the items from Winners and Marshalls come and go, so it's just a matter of checking the stores near you. I think in the USA they have online shopping, at least for TJMaxx (the parent company), that would be nice, wouldn't it?!

I think I scored some great deals! Let's check them out...

Note: I used stock photos for a couple of items because the sun went down before I could get photos of the items, but I still wanted to share them with you.

Puma baseball cap was on clearance for $8 at Winners! Retail is around $30! Similar linked HERE.

I tried a sample of this L'oreal sugar and grapeseed scrub and knew that I wanted to purchase it. So, I was lucky when I saw them at Winners for $7.99! They retail for $13.97 at Walmart (shown below).

Next up, I scored these Spa Bella double lined aloe infused socks for only $3 (compare at price is $12). They are super thick and cozy!

I've had my eye on this Charged bracelet and was lucky that it was still in the store and it was on clearance for only $12. Retail is $25. It has 18k gold plating, silver plating as well as semi-precious opal gemstones. The stones are charged in a Sedona Vortex. Opal is said to be good for prosperity. I couldn't find this one online but here's a link to the brand's website.

I was eyeballing a cat hut just like this at my local pet store the other day and it was $42. When I saw this at Marshalls for only $25, I knew we had to give it a try. Cats are super picky, so I wasn't sure if my Rocky would like it or not. He was perplexed at first as you can probably see in the photo (this was his first time inside it). Now that he's had it for a day and a half, he loves it!

Because of the fabulous design, he can use it for sleeping, hanging out, playing etc. He's enclosed but not completely covered so he can see what's going on around him. The one at the pet store had a design where he would have been completely enclosed and unable to see what's going on around him, so this design is much better for cats. The matt inside is reversible with a different texture on either side, one side for cooler weather and the other for warmer weather. It's also machine washable. The brand is Best Friends By Sheri and can be purchased HERE.
I read some great reviews about the above adrenal support supplement, Adrenasmart. I recently had my blood work done and some things need to improve. My thyroid is still out of wack along with very high cortisol which explains my early morning awakenings. Hopefully, this supplement will help out. Most of the reviewers claimed it helped to stop the early morning awakenings. 🀞

Lastly, I picked up my favourite Wet 'N Dry detangling brush at Sally's Beauty Supply because my cat stole mine! He steals all of my brushes. We shared this for a while and I would spritz it with alcohol after using it on him so it was clean for me but I finally gave up and let him have his own. :D Anyhoo, this is my favourite brush for detangling wet hair because it's so gentle and it's also my favourite for brushing out my dry hair. I just don't use it for blow drying.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I purchased this week and hope you can get your hands on any items that you have your eye on.

Have a great week ahead! 

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

An Old School, Random Little Beauty Haul!

I love sharing my recent finds with you guys, especially when I find great deals, so today, I'm sharing a small random beauty haul! πŸ™Œ

I'll be sharing my finds from Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Amazon.

I finally decided to try the It's a 10 miracle leave-in hair product that is so highly coveted. I purchased the big daddy on Amazon because it works out to be less than half the price of the small bottle and more than double the size! (So far so good).

I also purchased some new makeup sponges by Stay Fresh Always on Amazon because they were sold out of my HG Anbber ones 😭 I don't recommend these!

I always make sure I'm fully stocked with my Garnier Micellar Water  I πŸ’– the one for dry and sensitive skin and use it as my AM cleanse as it doesn't disrupt my skin's PH balance like water can.

I also picked up my Sephora birthday gift and went with Drunk Elephant because I'm dying to try their products!

Shoppers Drug Mart has Physicians Formula on sale for 40% off. I decided to get the Happy Booster Blush in natural. I used to own this in the pink shade but my taste in makeup has evolved and I'm no longer into everything that is a blue based pink!  Note: my new blush doesn't have a scent, so either they removed it or the one I purchased is VERY old.

I also picked up 2 Covergirl Tru Blend blushes (one missed the above photo but I've shown it below). I knew I'd be all over Covergirl once they announced they went #crueltyfree 🐰I picked up shade 100 (light) which is a highlight on me, and 200 (medium), a nice rosy shade with some sheen to it.

I picked up this StriVectin_TL Tightening Face Serum at Winners 'cause your girl can use all the skin tightening that she can get! It was on clearance from $25 for $20 and retails for approximately $100 from what I've seen online.

Covergirl Tru Blend Blushes in 100 (light) and 200 (medium). The light one was missing in my main photo. Both shades seem smooth and blendable, and both have a nice sheen to them. Although I find the light shade to be a highlight on my light complexion rather than a blush. The medium shade gives me some colour and a nice glow to my skin so I can forgo a highlight. I'm not really into matte blushes ATM, so these work out perfectly to add some glow and dimension in one step! I'm SO happy that Covergirl has gone cruelty-free and I will be all over their products now! πŸ’—

Ps. These blushes were on sale and I think they are being discontinued, so hurry if you want one! Amazon still has some online.

Nip & Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Cleansing Pads were also on clearance and only $3! I think it's being discontinued here in Canada, so if you like these, hurry to Shoppers Drug Mart! They are one of my favourite skin acids for gentle but hydrating exfoliation.

I always love to see people's purchases, so I hope you enjoyed seeing my recent finds.

Happy Tuesday!

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Sign Up To Receive FREE Sensitive Skin, Hair & Body Care Products | Launching Soon!

photo credit: ATTITUDE

Who doesn't love getting FREE products to try out!? ATTITUDE is coming out with a new sensitive skin, hair and body care line and they're offering free products to sample!

New Sensitive Skin Collection from ATTITUDE coming soon!!! They are plant-based, , , , and dermatologist tested.

Get early online access and up to a full year of FREE shampoo!

Submissions for this campaign is now closed! I hope you got in!

Not sponsored
referral link to sign up. everyone receives one when signing up.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Conceal Hair Loss and Thinning Hair With Fibolica Advanced Hair Thickening Fibers!

Featured Product: 
Fibolica Advanced Hair Thickening Fibers Instant Hair Loss Concealer -  $34.95 (2 months supply)

  • Effective way to naturally thicken thinning hair by statically bonding hair fibers onto your existing hair
  • Available in 2, 6, or 12-month supply (as a one time purchase or subscription)
  • 9 shades available ranging from black to white
  • Offers a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Made from 100% natural and organic plant fibers that bond securely to your existing hair
  • Compatible with all hair growth treatments and surgical procedures
  • Instant results (takes less than 60 seconds to apply)
  • Mess-free
  • Undetectable

At some point in our lives, many of us will experience hair loss or thinning hair. Whether it's permanent or temporary, it can be very disheartening and affect our confidence. Luckily, Fibolica all natural Advanced Hair Thickening Fibers hides thinning hair easily and quickly and without any mess! And, this product doesn't discriminate, it's a unisex product that works for both men and women.

Fibolica Hair Thickening Fibers come in a shaker style bottle that makes application a breeze and it literally takes seconds to apply. Just shake or tap the bottle wherever you want coverage, brush through gently or pat with your hands. I chose to pat with my hands and it did not stain my hands. The application was not only easy and quick but mess free!

The fibers feel very light and do not leave any tacky feel, rather they leave a very smooth and natural feel. I found it to be undetectable in my hair both visually and to the touch. I am able to touch my hair throughout the day and no product transfers.

Each bottle contains 25 grams of product which is a 2 month supply per bottle. However, it could last much longer, it all depends on how much hair loss you want or need to conceal and whether you use a light or heavy application, you have complete control.

Available in 9 shades: 
  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Blonde
  • Light Blonde
  • Dark Red
  • Grey
  • White
You can view the colour chart linked here.

Shown here are the hair fibers in Light Brown. 

How Fibolica Works

"Fibolica is simple and easy to use. Simply shake Fibolica onto the thinning areas on your head and watch as the hair fibers statically bond securely to your existing hair, similar to thousands of tiny magnets, instantly adding dramatic density and volume to your thinning areas. In fact, the bond is so strong the hair fibers can even withstand rain, wind and sweat."

Fibolica Hair Fibers in Light Brown
Fibolica's 'Unique' All Natural Ingredients:

"Most other hair fibers contain dangerous animal ingredients, synthetic dyes or chemicals, artificial fillers and preservatives. Fibolica uses a patented all-natural formula that can be applied even on the most sensitive skin without causing any irritation at all. The hair fibers are made from Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum, a natural fiber extracted from a plant that only grows in arid regions of Morocco. These plant fibers bond up to 200% stronger than regular hair fibers, which are usually made of wool (also marketed as keratin protein)."

As they say, a picture can be worth a thousand words, so below I have shared some close-ups of my before and afters with Fibolica Hair Fibers (all using the light brown shade).

My hair is highlighted blonde but my roots are brown. Although this colour didn't turn out to be an exact match with my hair colour, it blended with my hair seamlessly and did not alter my colour at all. I gather from this, that as long as you select a colour close to your hair colour, you probably can't go wrong. You can also contact Fibolica for a colour recommendation. They are very helpful!

 All before and after photos are with one light application.

I only applied the fibers where I decided to part my hair. If you have other areas where you would like coverage just part and shake..

 One light application on unwashed hair

One light application on freshly washed hair

I used a very light application each time that I used the product and the product was undetectable in my hair. I could have easily added more product if I wanted more coverage. 

I love how natural looking this product looks AND feels in my hair and how well it covers the areas that are sparse. I also love how quick and easy it is to apply and that it's mess free and doesn't transfer at all.

Although I have finished using this product for testing purposes, I will continue to use it and that speaks volumes!

You can learn more about Fibolica and purchase their products on their website: 

This post is in collaboration with Fibolica. All opinions are honest and my own.
No affiliate or referral links are used in this post.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Cocoa Locks Hot Chocolate For Healthy Hair!

It was a blizzard outside today!

When it's cold outside, you head inside for some Cocoa Locks hot chocolate! ❄☕πŸ‘±‍♀️

I just started my Cocoa Locks yesterday and I'm excited to see how it helps my hair growth πŸ™Œ

It tastes delicious, that I know for sure! πŸ˜‹

Just add hot water or milk and stir...

Cocoa Locks contains Biotin, Folic acid, Selenium, and zinc which all support the growth of healthy hair. Lord knows my hair can use some help with all the abuse that I put it through!

Cocoa Locks not only tastes great, but it's also low calorie, low in sugar and vegetarian!

Cocoa Locks also makes a chocolate hairshake if hot chocolate is not up your alley.  Only one mug is required per day!

I will be reporting back with my results, so stay tuned!

From Cocoa Locks:
  • Formulated for fuller & longer hair*
  • More powerful and effective than vitamins or gummies
  • Say goodbye to damaged, broken hair*
  • Achieve healthier hair from within*
  • Low calories, low fat. Only 26 calories a mug
  • Tastes great, so that you won't want to miss a dose
  • Contains Selenium, Zinc & Biotin, which have been clinically proven to achieve longer hair. 
Sugar, sweet whey powder (milk) , fat-reduced cocoa powder 14.5%, skimmed- milk powder, biotin, folic acid, selenium enriched yeast, zinc sulphate, salt, thickener (E 466), anti-caking agent (E 551), flavouring. (See Cocoa Locks website for nutritional information, linked below).

Cocoa Locks promise: 
  • Stronger, Longer & Thicker Hair In 28 Days. 
  • FREE Worldwide Shipping ✈️
  • Guaranteed Results. FAST πŸ‘Έ Vegetarian 🌱

End of code