Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme Review!

Featured Product:
Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme 60 pads/ SRP $14.95

I'm a big fan of Nip + Fab products! They are really effective products at such affordable prices. Nip + Fab was founded by Maria Hatzistefanis who was also the founder of Rodial. Nip + Fab pack their products with innovative, high tech, and natural ingredients that work!

My Skin type:
Oily/ combo, dehydrated, aging, acne prone, reactive (I know, nice mix!)

About Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme:
Super-strength acid exfoliating facial pads to target oily + congested skin.
A more potent version of our bestselling glycolic fix pads, these extreme night pads contain our highest level of glycolic acid at 5% and have been further enhanced with the addition of salicylic acid, making these your ultimate night treatment to refine pores, brighten the complexion and de-congest the skin through the improvement of the skin’s natural exfoliation process. Easily incorporated into a weekly routine, use one pad at night 2-3 times a week. For more sensitive skin types we advise usage once a week.

Active Ingredients:
  • 5% glycolic acid: gently exfoliates the skin + helps fade discolouration on the face e.g. acne scarring, pigmentation
  • salicylic acid: penetrates into + unclogs pores helping to combat black heads + reduce blemishes
  • lactic acid: removes dead cells + toxins from the skin for a smoother + more even toned surface
  • hyaluronic acid: improves skin hydration + keeps skin feeling soft + plump

I've been using these glycolic pads for 3 weeks now. Since I use Retin-A at night, I used these during the daytime. I was concerned that it may be too much to use both since my skin can be reactive but I haven't experienced any issues using both my Retin-A and Nip + Fab's Glycolic Night Pads Extreme. There was no stinging, burning, peeling or anything. These turned out to be very effective yet very gentle.

The pads are nicely saturated and one pad is enough for my face, neck, and chest, and you can utilize both sides of the pads.

I used the pads a few times a week in the morning before applying my other skincare. I recommend using SPF anyways, but especially when using acids.

Sometimes when I use skincare like acids, I feel like if I don't feel a burn or stinging sensation,  I assume they aren't working. These pads proved me wrong! The burn or sting that I feel with some products may not be a good thing as it's usually a sign of irritation. These pads were super gentle on my reactive skin, I didn't feel any burn or sting and I saw results really quickly! Talk about win-win!

My skin looks much clearer than it has in a long time, and I can barely see the pores on my cheeks and forehead! Prior to using these pads, the pores on my forehead and cheeks looked like craters on my face! It was pretty unsightly. It made me look older and it looked as if there was dirt in my pores although my skin was clean. I wasn't sure what to do about these unsightly pores, to be honest, so I'm certainly glad that these pads came into my life! I also had a couple of blemishes from a sunscreen that I was trying out and these pads cleared up those blemishes as well. I still have hyperpigmentation thanks to years of frying my skin in the sun, but I think it will take some laser treatments to get rid of that completely.

Another benefit is that because the acids in these pads exfoliate the skin, it allows our other skincare products to do their job even better as they can penetrate the skin better and more easily.

My skin is far from perfect but I'm happy to have found another effective product that helps me make my 49-year-old skin look the best that it can. I will definitely be making these pads a regular part of my skincare routine and I'm happy that they are so affordable! 💗

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The Glycolic Night Pads Extreme retail for $14.95 and are available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharma Prix across Canada.

Have you tried Nip + Fab? If you have, Let me know what other Nip + Fab products I need to check out!

Not Sponsored. Product was provided free for editorial consideration. All opinions are mine. xo


  1. Sounds like these worked really well on your skin! I need to try them again, I can't remember how they reacted with my skin it was so long ago when I tried them!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. I was surprised at how gentle they were as my skin is very reactive but I didn't have any irritation at all. xo


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