Sunday, May 30, 2021

How to Declutter and Make Money Doing it

Over the last few years there's been such a craze over decluttering and minimalism. Although I could never be a minimalist (I like shopping too much), I still have the desire to own less, reduce clutter, and have more room to breathe. But, at the same time, I have a conflicting desire to aquire more at times. Maybe some of you feel this way, too. I think this is where the old adage comes into play "out with the old, in with the new." Who doesn't want to try something new that interests them, or update their wardrobe to be more current.

I've heard a lot about the Mari Kondo method based on her best-selling book, The Art Of Tyding Up. I haven't read her book but I've learned a lot about her suggestions and tips for decluttering through the internet.  I like a lot of her tips but also find that some of them don't work for me. So I take what I like from her methods and make my own decluttering journey, as we all should.

Sometimes, I find that I can conquer my closet or the kitchen and do fairly well. Although, Mari Kondo probably wouldn't agree with that statement. Other times, I feel like I just can't let go of anything but I know that I need to.

Here are some tactics that I use to help myself declutter:

1. Get real with yourself and toss those old, expired products. Think food, skincare, makeup etc.
2. Ask yourself: Do I need it? Do I love it? Has it been used recently or is it just taking up space? Can someone else get better use out of this? Can I make some money with this?
3. Keep what you love and/or need. Do you have duplicates of some items that perhaps aren't necessary? 
4. One question I love to ask myself is "would I buy this in the store today?" If not, get rid of it or sell it
5. Try to adopt a 1 in 1 out policy. If you buy some new items, try to get rid of some old items
6. When you've done all the purging that you think you can, revisit the decluttering concept in a more gentle way. By this I mean, try and find one item per day, from any area of your home that either needs to be thrown away, donated, or maybe you want to sell it and make some of your money back
7. Another tactic, is to do this weekly and try to find 7 items at the end of each week. Then take the items to be donated at the end of every week or month. Whataver works for you. This decluttering tip of mine is meant to take the pressure off, so nothing is set in stone, do your best and you will get ahead.  By using this method I recently got rid of some old cell phones, packaging I no longer needed, old electronic parts that didn't have a partner, some shoes I don't wear, blankets and pillows that needed to go, etc. 
8. Tackle one area at a time and recruit your family members to tackle their areas, too. If they aren't eager to participate, the incentive to make some money or buy something new with that money might just be the nudge that they need
9. It's a good idea to keep a list as you go of items that you need to purchase to fill a need or replace items that were discarded but are still wants/needs

Note: Animal Shelters can always use your old towels, blanket, etc. It's a much better way to re-purpose those items than dropping them into a donation bin where they will probably end up in a landfill.

Also, there are a lot of Women's Shelters, and Shelters period, that can definitely use a lot of our unwanted items.

After the initial declutter, I try to keep on top of things by letting go of items that I no longer need or want. Making room for new things that I do want or maybe even need. "Use it or Lose it" has become my new motto.

You can also make money with the items that you declutter, especially if they are in good condition. Or, maybe they are vintage or collectable. You'd be surprised what you can find in the depths of your drawers, closets, basement, garage, and even on your bookshelves that you could make money with. From jewelery to shoes and even fitness gadgets and the like. 

My favourite places to sell items
  • Facebook Marketplace and FB groups
  • Poshmark (Get $15 with code poshsummergirl on sign up page)
  • Varage sale (App)
  • Letgo ( App- in USA, no longer in Canada sadly)
  • Kijiji
  • Ebay
  • Pawn shops
  • Amazon (I've sold a ton of books and DVDs on there)
  • Garage sale (when permitted or by appointment due to covid)
  • Plato's closet - they pay on the spot. They are choosy and want items in good condition and current trends. They don't pay much but if you don't have the time to sell your own items, they are a good option
  • Other local consignment shops
  • There are lots of other Apps to sell your unwanted goods. Just check your app store

Once you've decluttered your home, you'll probably make more conscious choices about future purchases and what you are bringing into your home. Either way, unless you are a true minimalist, the process of letting go of items that no longer serve you will most likely become something that is ongoing as we are usually bringing new things into our homes. 

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