Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year + The 9 Year Cycle

I wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah etc. Whatever it is that you celebrate or even if you don't, I hope you enjoy the season.

I also acknowledge those of you who may find this season very difficult. I personally know how hard this season can be. And, I hope you can find something to enjoy during this time.

I also want to wish everyone a fabulous New Year. I really hope that 2017 is your best year ever! I wish you health, happiness, and prosperity, and whatever it is that makes you happy.

I read somewhere that 2016 is a year that will be ending a 9-year cycle and that 2017 will be the start of a whole new cycle. I like the sound of that! I don't know much about it but I believe this is a theory in numerology. If you google it, you can find a lot of info about it. I always heard that life went in cycles of 7 years, maybe that's from another theory or maybe I was wrong all along and it's really 9.

9 years is certainly a long time for a new cycle to begin. So, I'm excited about a new start and hoping the next 9-year cycle that we are about to begin is much better than the last 9. This is a good time to set your intentions for the next 9 years, make peace with the past and leave it there if it no longer serves you. And, also decide what you want to be/do differently.

Here is just one article that I found about this cycle if you'd like to read more about it and what you can do to set your intentions for the next 9 years

See you all next year!



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