Tuesday, May 10, 2016

New! Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara #Review

Revlon has a new line of mascaras out, linked here. There's supposed to be a formula for everyone, depending on what look you're going for. 

Here are the options in the new line:The All-In-One, Dramatic Definition, Super Length, Ultra Volume, and Volume + Length Magnified.

I received a $5 off coupon so I decided I had to pick one up and give it a try. I mean who doesn't love trying new mascaras!?

I had heard some mixed reviews on the one with the red cap, I'm pretty sure it's the Ultimate All-In-One. So, I went with something different.

I chose the Volume + Length Magnified mascara in Blackest Black #301 because I want both volume and length.

From the package: "High shine black fiber formula provides amplified volume and length."

Ha! I had no idea that this one had fibers until I read the packaging when I got home.

Let me just say that I adore the brush! I could feel the bristles on this wand grip every lash. It was amazing! This has to be my favourite mascara wand.... ever!

This must be why- From the package: "Square brush designed to anchor formula to lashes for intense volume and length." ( I didn't notice the brush being square).

As you can see it gave me tons of length and a good amount of volume too. I'd say this definitely gave me more in the length department vs. volume, although I did get both.

Had to get some strange angles to show just how much length I got.

Here it is at the end of a long day. It wore all day. I didn't have any transfer with my hooded eyes, no smudging, and no flaking!

Thankfully, it was also very easy to remove and I didn't lose any lashes.

I am so glad that I picked this up. I think I may have a new favourite mascara! Okay, maybe that's jumping the gun a little. I will have to see how it performs over the next 3 months. But, so far I'm super impressed!

This retails for around $9.99.

Have you tried any of Revlon's new mascaras? If so, which one(s) and what was your experience?

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  1. I don't think I've ever had a Revlon mascara but this one does sound pretty promising!

    1. I haven't had a Revlon mascara in years. I'm really loving this one!!


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