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September Empties #4: Makeup, Beauty, Skincare and Health with #Reviews

Welcome to my September empties post. I have a little bit of everything, including a little makeup graveyard in this post. Not sure what it is about finishing up products that is so satisfying. Is it only that way for us beauty product junkies!?

My last empties post was on August 9th, 2015 and you can find it by clicking here if you are interested in seeing what I finished up in August.

I didn't finish all of these in one month, some of them I've had for quite a while. They were just finished by the end of September. I did not include any finished sample products as I had collected so many that I had a Samples Testing Challenge going on for a while. If you want to see what that was all about, here is a link to my last post in that challenge. 

I will try and be brief and get straight to the point on each product. ;)


  • Simple Micellar Water- I really enjoyed using this. I actually won this in blog giveaway from , which was really nice. Otherwise, I probably would never have tried it. Full review can be found HERE. 
  • Earth Science Eye makeup Remover- Holy grail for me. It works and it's all natural, can't beat that! I buy this on iHerb.
  • Retin-A Micro 0.04%- I've been using this for well over a year and it's supposed to be the Mac-Daddy of anti-aging in skincare, so I'll keep using it. Luckily, it's covered by my medical plan!
  • Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum- I got this because it was super-cheap during Target's Liquidation sale here in Canada. I enjoyed it but can't say anything astronomical happened to my skin, especially considering what the full price is. I would only buy it if I got it super-cheap again.
  • Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep- I got this free from ChickAdvisor. I loved it. It was very soothing and anti-aging/hydrating. Heavy price tag though. But, it did last for quite a while.


  • Dove Heat Defy Protect & Shine Mist- I've had this for years! I don't even know if they make it anymore.  I used this before using my hot tools. I really can't tell if it does anything. I've already purchased the Tre Semme Keratin one as I've heard good things about it.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide- I use this for so many things, I should really do a post about it. I use it on cuts, to make DIY cleaners, Whiten teeth, clean my mouth guard...... (Money saving tip: buy it at the Dollar store, it's much cheaper and it's the same thing)
  • Adidas Cotton Tech Deodorant- This is Aluminum Free and it works for me. I love the scent too. I'm still always trying out new deodorants hoping to find something natural that works. But, when this is on sale I have to buy it. I've been using it for years!
  • Sierra Bees Mauve Lip Shimmer- I love these lip balms with a hint of colour. As I age, my lips lose pigmentation, so even in a lip balm it's nice to have a bit of colour. This brand is very hydrating and affordable so I always stock up on them. I got it in a variety 4 pack, but you can also choose a 4 pack of just one colour. I buy them on iHerb also.
  • Covergirl Clump Crusher by Lashblast- This came in a sample kit from somewhere. I got a few of them so I can't remember exactly where it came from. I think it's a good mascara but I still prefer my Jordana Best Lash Extreme. And, I'd like to try some mascaras by Essence as I hear they are good too. (Mascaras only last 3 months max. So, I'm not about dropping a lot of money on them ) ;)


  • FemMED Hormonal Balance- Recommended by my Dr. I take these on and off as they are very pricey. I try and stock up when they are on sale. 
  • Now Foods, Iron 18mg- My Multi Vitamin doesn't have enough iron in it, so I supplement with 18 mg caps. I have tested low for iron and I very rarely eat meat products. I have gone back to my usual brand which is even cheaper (only $3.67- half the price of the Now Foods one!), and I like it better. I'll leave a link to it here if you are interested. 
  • Healthy Origins CoQ10 100mg- This is a supplement that I will never be without! It fuels all the cells in our body. As we get older, we become depleted of it. Plus, I have a heart condition that this helps with. This is in the form of Ubiquinone. I know that everyone says that Ubiquinol is now the best form to take. But, I did my research and found out that even if you take Ubiquinol, it is changed to the Ubiquinone form in our stomachs. So, save your money and buy Ubiquinone like I do, it's much cheaper. Again, I buy it from iHerb where I find everything is much cheaper. Here is a link to it if you are interested.
  • BHI Calming Homeopathic Remedy- This is a MUST have for me. I have had sleep issues for years. I always have to have this on hand as it's the one homeopathic remedy that can send me over the edge into sleep when my body needs it. It's always on my bed side table. It's another product I get from iHerb. I've actually never seen it in stores. (yes, I'm a bit of an iHerb junkie. But everything is super cheap there and international shipping is super cheap too $3-$4!)

Makeup Graveyard:

These all went in the trash. They were all under $2 and quite old so I don't feel too bad about it, but there was no sense in keeping them around as I never wear them. I gave each lipstick one more shot and they were all way to bright on me. I just don't suit bright or dark colours and everything seems to oxidize on my lips and become even brighter!

Pictured above (left to right): Wet n Wild Fergie V.I.Pink, Jordana Matte in Pink Passion,  Elf in Classy, Wet n Wild Think Pink (why is this NEON on me!?)

Note: I can blame YouTube for ALL of these!

These were mostly purchased from the $1 store. No one else wanted them either, so off they went to the makeup graveyard.

-Elf Shadow in Happy Hour- Too powdery, have dupes
-Elf lipliner in Natural- Too orange on me
-La Colours loose eyeshadow in Radiant- Just glitter, no pigmentation
-Maybelline loose blush in Soft Mauve- Makes a mess, dupe in Sonia Kashuk blush in Pink
-Jordana nail polish in Creamy Fuchsia- Too 80's for me!
-Essence nail polish in Jacob's Protection- Impossible to get off thick glitter
-Jordana nail polish in Pink Bunny- I have a dupe, but it's staying for now ;)

If you have a September empties to share, let me know, I'd love to come and check out what you used up!

PS. Come join a fabulous link up party over at fabulousandfunlife

All products were purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated. Some links maybe affiliate links. 



  1. Oh good on you for throwing out products that'll never be used!! i feel the same about bright pink lipsticks on me.. not sure whether it's the tone of my lips or skin it just doesn't suit!

    Lily not Louise

    1. Thanks! I don't know why the heck it took me so long to get rid of them. They always looked horrible on me. And, even though they were cheap, I felt guilty to just waste them. Youtube really got me to step outside my comfort zone of wearing the same things (that work!) and I'm glad I tried new things, but what a waste! lol

  2. Well Done!
    I didn't finish too much in September!
    I probably need to throw out a few lightly used items soon......

    1. I had no idea I had finished so many until I looked in the box (which sits on a shelf in a closet) and thought I better post now or it will be too much!!

  3. Well done on throwing out those lippies that aren't right for you. I need to do the same thing with a few of my lippies.

    1. I don't know why it took me so long, I never wore them. It always feels good to declutter, even if it's just a little. ;)

  4. Well done! I hate to think how many cheapie lipsticks I have to be honest. My makeup collection needs a major cull. It's on my list of things to do! :)

    1. It feels good but I still have a lot of room for improvement... it never ends! lol


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