Monday, July 13, 2015

Decluttering Series: Weekly Sample Testing With Reviews- Week of July 6

I spent this last week testing out more of my samples from my samples stash. If you missed the original post/ challenge, you can find it by clicking here.

I'm a little under the weather so the noggin isn't working at 100%. So, this will probably  possibly be short and sweet, :)

Pure + Simple Minimalist Face Cream

Oh Em Gee!! I always seem to love Pure + Simple's products! They are super high quality, natural, and cruelty free. I know I talk about them a lot when I refer to skin care and that's because it's my main line of skin products because they have worked so well for my skin.  You would think I'm affiliated or something, but I'm not, they have no idea who I am. I got this sample with an order I placed a while back and forgot about it in my little bag of samples. This was enough to use for a few days. It's super moisturizing, my skin drinks it up and leaves my skin super moisturized. I literally can't stop touching my face even though I know I shouldn't! My skin is combo/oily and acne prone but dehydrated. This product totally conquered the dehydration issue and I didn't even need to use a face oil. Actually, I didn't even apply a serum. I usually do all 3 steps: serum, moisturizer and oil. But, to give this product a true test, I decided to use it alone. The results were super soft and moisturized skin. My skin looked so smooth! I did end up getting one pimple which is a bummer because this product made my skin look and feel amazing. When I asked for this sample, Pure + Simple did warn me that it may be too stimulating for my acne prone skin. As usual, they were right. But, if you are not acne prone I highly recommend this!

Natural Style by FUBU Moisture Shine Deep Conditioner & Co-Wash

I have heard about co-washes but had never tried one before. They are supposed to by good for curly haired folks and you can use it as a shampoo / conditioner in one. I did just that and skipped shampoo. I was a little nervous that I'd end up with greasy feeling hair, but I just went for it, in the name of product research. I just used this product  and I was surprised that my hair did not feel dirty or greasy at all! I have naturally curly / frizzy hair that I like to straighten. The results were okay, better than I was expecting but my hair was still a little parched and frizzy looking after I styled it. If I were to use a product like this, I would use it once a week to give my hair a break from shampoo, but I wouldn't use it all the time. It may work better on more coarse or ethnic hair. My hair is quite fine.

Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Cleansing Facial Wipes

I am really enjoying Simple's Micellar Water. You can find my review on it by clicking here. So, I was excited to try their facial cleansing wipes. They are a nice large size and are void of artificial fragrance or dyes and suitable for sensitive skin. I found these wipes to have a rougher texture than the wipes I usually use (Kirklands from Costco or Balea from Shoppers Drug Mart.) As I've gotten older, I like to be more gentle with my skin. Although these wipes did not cause any acne or irritation, I do wish the wipes had a softer texture. I prefer their Micellar Cleansing Water over these wipes although, you could use them in conjunction for a thorough cleaning.

Nivea Q10 Serum Pearls

This was a unique type of face serum. The product comes in the form of pearls that break open and turn into a serum once you squeeze them out of the tube. The fragrance wasn't bad, a bit perfume-y and those who don't like fragrance in their products may be put off. Personally, I am not bothered by the fragrance. I was pleasantly surprised by how my skin felt after using this product. I don't usually expect much from drugstore skin care even though I know you can find some good quality products there.

This product claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, smooth and refine skin surface, and visibly reverse the signs of aging! Say, what!? That last one is quite the claim and who doesn't want that?! I only got one use from this sample, but it did not irritate my skin or cause any breakouts, plus my skin felt nicely hydrated. It came with a $5 off coupon, so I just may have to give it a try.  I take Q10 as a supplement so why not try it topically!?

Dove Advance Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

I really don't have much to say about this product. It was average for my dry, chemically treated, fine and frizzy hair. I will say that after using it my hair definitely felt thicker and fuller, but it also felt dry and parched. I need more moisture and although it's called "Oxygen Moisture" I didn't find it moisturizing enough for my hair. I think this would be a great product for someone who has fine limp hair that does not need a ton of moisture. Granted, I only used it a couple of times, but I think with hair products, I can usually get a good idea if it will work for me after one use. I think Dove nailed it with this product in regards to volume, but I cannot agree with the moisture part, at least for my hair.

Here is some info on the product:

Dove Oxygen Moisture provides your hair with moisture and 95% more volume. Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Shampoo is made with Dove's Oxyfusion Technology, a new generation of moisture. With lightweight, oxygen-fused conditioning ingredients, this gentle shampoo cleanses hair while adding natural-looking volume and gives your hair bounce. For best results, experience the Oxyfusion Technology with the full line of Dove Oxygen Moisture products.

Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Shampoo:
  • With lightweight, oxygen-fused conditioning ingredients
  • Cleanses hair while adding natural-looking volume
  • For fine, flat hair
  • Volume and bounce
  • With Oxyfusion Technology

I'm not having much luck with the hair product samples so far with the exception of a Macadamia hair oil by Hask that I am loving!

Have you discovered any great new products lately?


There are no affiliate links in this post. Just links I hope you find helpful. :)


  1. Hi Amy - you have my admiration for trying your samples. I'm usually excited initially but somehow never get around to giving them a go. Hope you're feeling better hon xxx

    1. Hi Kat! I'm feeling a lot better thanks. Still having fun testing everything out but can't wait to use everything and clear some space ;)

  2. Hey Amy- you're really soo organised! Good on you! There's something so satisfying about decluttering!! I hope you feel better soon xo

    1. Hi Christina! Feeling a lot better thanks! Can't wait till I finish all my samples up and clear up a lot of space! :D

    2. Glad you're doing well xo

  3. Hey Amy- you're really soo organised! Good on you! There's something so satisfying about decluttering!! I hope you feel better soon xo

  4. You're motivating me to look through and start using my stash of samples! I've been adding to it recently but neglecting to use them! I hope you're feeling better soon!

    1. Hi Ingrid, I am feeling better, thanks! My samples had piled up for the last 1-2 years so it got kind of overwhelming. I'm having fun challenging myself to use them all up but I did learn my lesson... I think.. ;)


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