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Decluttering Series: Weekly Sample Testing with Reviews- Week of June 22

First off, I`m so sorry for the shody lighting. It`s a really stormy day here and I've tried every lighting possible and this was the best I could get. The flash only made things worse. Now, on to the products and reviews!

If you saw my post on June 19th you already know that I`m on a mission to use up all of the beauty samples that I`ve been collecting. Here is the original post that started this challenge Beauty Samples Stash: Reviews, Challenge and Decluttering!

I realize that it`s difficult with certain products to know how they perform based on one or a few uses, especially skin care products. But, I do find that I can get a good idea whether or not I like a hair product, even with just one use. 

For reference, my hair is highlighted/bleached, fine, naturally wavy and very frizzy.

Here are the products I used this week with mini reviews on each one.

Pantene Age Defy Shampoo and Conditioner

Claims: to Fight 7 signs of aging hair:
Split Ends
Unruly Grays
Lackluster Color
Thin Look

My Results: Don't I wish that this shampoo and conditioner did all it claims to do! Unfortunately my hair didn't like it at all. One word "Straw." It`s been a long time since I used a product that left my hair feeling just like straw, but those were my results. I`m glad I got to test this out with a free sample and obviously I wont be purchasing.

Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser

Reconstructs strength and helps repair hair
Protects hair from future damage
Strengthen and rejuvenate the look of hair
Strong hair that looks rejuvenated
Hair`s strength is reconstructed from root to tip

My Results: I didn't really expect much from this. It`s an inexpensive drugstore line and I know maybe I shouldn't always judge based on that as there are MANY great drugstore products. The product had a pleasant scent to it, but I`m more concerned with results than scent.  At first. I didn't notice anything special, my hair didn't feel particularly soft while shampooing and conditioning etc. After I finished blow drying my hair, I ended up pleasantly surprised as my dryness and frizz were reduced a lot but not completely. I also noticed my hair had more shine and my blond hair does not usually look shiny (without a shine product.) Not bad for such an inexpensive product. I think this would work great on someone with healthier hair than mine, I still need more power in my products for my bleached, frizzy and delicate hair.

John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Reverses the look and feel of damage with every use
Weightlessly restores strength for full bouncy styles
Protects brittle strands
Reduce the risk of breakage and split ends

My Results: Not much to say, it wasn't bad but nothing special. After I dried my hair it did seem a little better than it did initially but my hair needs something more. Based on the name of the product and it`s claims, I expected better. The results were very average on my hair, it`s definitely not great for my naturally frizzy hair. Again, I need more power for my fragile hair than what this offers.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil for Hair

Claims: Nourishing hair with African Macadamia
Nourishes and revitalizes hair
Protects hair, adds silkiness, softness and shine
Lightweight and non-greasy

My Results: This product has quite a strong perfume scent to it. I am not sensitive to scent`s but I did find this quite strong. I would agree that it is lightweight and non-greasy. However, it did not prevent my hair from becoming a massive frizz-ball after being exposed to the humidity and dampness from the rain today. Even when I came home and reapplied some more to try and tame my giant frizz-ball it didn't perform. Although the product doesn't claim to prevent or tame frizzies, I have come to expect it from being a regular user of hair oils. If you have frizzy hair like mine, I cannot recommend this hair oil; unless a. you don`t have frizzy hair or b. you know you wont be exposed to any frizz producing elements.

Have you come across any Holy Grail products from samples that you've tried?

Best, Amy

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