Thursday, April 20, 2023

The Hidden Secret of Looking Fabulous: Cosmolle Activewear

Are you looking to look fabulous while wearing activewear? Then you should give
Cosmolle’s activewear sets range the opportunity to show how amazing all of their
pieces are. They are a brand that has mainly focused on the most comfortable bras and

Cosmolle is a brand that is pushing the limits on what we call eco-friendly. This is why
their textile of choice when it comes to their famous underwear is collagen polyamide
yarn. For those, who are not familiar with it, this is are biomimetic fibers that have a
unique coating of collagen that is permanent.

When this yarn gets weaved together then they create the signature buttery soft
luxurious fabric that is an important characteristic of Cosmolle. And thanks to this
fabric, you are also caring about your skin, not only with collagen but also amino acids
and antioxidants, improving skin’s elasticity and keeping it hydrated.

But as we mentioned before, they mainly focus on underwear but they also have an activewear sets range that has great yoga suits. This range has exponentially grown since they launched it and now has not only sets but also separate pieces so you can mix and match them as you want without having to be tied to one specific size or color.

The top has a versatile but also classic scoop neckline that you can style with various clothes, and also have thumb holes that will help to keep the sleeves in their place. Besides the back has a ruched seam that will provide the butt with a very natural lifting effect. Its light-impact design will offer you support while you are exercising while the edge-bonded panels will provide a lot of comforts.

If it’s winter time, we would highly recommend you to get their long sleeve legging set. This set is not only buttery soft but will keep you comfortable and dry while you work out, thanks to its eco-comfy performance fabric made of recycled nylon. It is also moisture-wicking, breathable, and stretchy and will feel like a second skin.


They also have the sports bra and shorts set. This one can be the perfect choice for warmer weather. Also made with eco-comfy fabric made of recycled nylon, the fabric makes it feel like a second skin to you. It has a sculpting performance that provides a built-in lift for the booty. The V-neck at the chest will enhance the shockproof effect and will also support the chest. Its racer-back fit makes it very versatile.

Like their other set, it also is breathable, stretchy, and moisture-wicking. The buttery soft performance fabric will keep you comfortable and dry while you work out. And can be worn to work from home or lounge around it, be on the move, or at the yoga studio.


The following are separate pieces that you can mix and match to create your own personalized sets, with what makes you feel more comfortable and happy. Their seamless sports bra will provide minimalist support and was tailored to offer you the most precise support. The fabric is breathable and eco-friendly too. All of this ensures comfort and you can wear it with any look. The light to medium support it offers makes it a great option to wear either on the street or in the studio. It has crisscross straps that are adjustable, removable bra cups and the fabric is 4-way stretched.

And finally, their crossover shorts, which are seamless and also made with fabric that will feel like a second skin and were made with eco-friendly fabric. It will prevent camel to occur thanks to the lack of a front seam. The contouring panels in areas like the leg and glute provide contouring and the back scrunch V seam that will enhance your curves.


A collaboration with Cosmolle Activewear

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