Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Empties | August Monthly Beauty Basket Update!

At the beginning of August, I created a basket that I filled with beauty products that I wanted to finish up in the month of August. Here is a link to the original post. I kept the basket in the bathroom, in an area that made it within arms reach.

Beauty Basket - Before

It proved to be a huge success! I finished all but one product. Products that I had been working on finishing for months or even years were used up this month because of the basket. Before I created the basket, these items ended up being used only occasionally, on rotation with other products and much of the time they were forgotten about.

Many of the items in the basket were expired or about to expire, so I wanted to get through them and not waste them.

Beauty Basket - After

Finished Products:

List of products:
1. Earth Science Clarifying Facial Wash- FINISHED 
Repurchase- probably not

2. Live Clean Exotic Nectar Body Lotion- FINISHED 
Repurchase- yes

3. Jason Healthy Mouth Mouth Wash- FINISHED 
Repurchase- Already replaced

5. Pure + Simple Lactic Acid- FINISHED
Repurchase- possibly

6. TheraNeem Neem Oil- NOT FINISHED 
Repurchase- yes

7. Amika Dry Shampoo- FINISHED 
Repurchase- no

I finished 6 out of 7 products thanks to the #useitorloseit basket (as I like to call it).

I will definitely be creating another basket full of products that I'd like to finish up. It really helps me focus on those products rather than rotating through all of my products and rarely finishing anything.

I highly recommend that you try this method if you also have products that you'd like to finish up.

I also have some other makeup products that I am trying to finish up, but I didn't include them in the basket as I keep those items in another room where I do my makeup.

Have you tried creating a Monthly Use It Or Lose It Beauty Basket?


  1. Great job girl! I love this idea! Stealing it ;) Tal xo

    1. Thanks, Tal! Love to see you do this too! It's fun and it works. :D xo

  2. Well done sweetie - I'll have to make some room for my useitorloseit basket (I already have the basket lol). Such a terrific idea that I intend to adopt, especially after seeing your success hon xxx

    1. So glad you're going to do this. Can't wait to see your basket! xo


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