Monday, August 22, 2016

Dollar Tree Makeup Challenge Featuring LA Colors All-In-One Makeup Stick! #crueltyfree

I was at the Dollar Tree the other day picking up some necessities. While I was there, I felt like I needed a little makeup-pick-me-up, so I went straight to the makeup aisle.

They didn't have very much selection at my Dollar Tree. It was mostly L.A. Colors with a few other brands I had never heard of.

Just for fun, I decided to pick up L.A. Colors All-In-One Makeup Stick that says it's an all-in-one : lipstick, blush & eyeshadow. It's a twist up style crayon. I only saw it in one colour, "Pink Satin." I looked at the ingredients as I was worried about what might be in the product but it actually had some good ingredients in it like squalane, some of the others not so great, but nothing to really worry about.

So, I decided to challenge myself to a makeup look using this all-in-one product and really put it to the test. 

After I opened it and swatched it, I was a little disappointed that it was a bit frosty. It's really a purple toned fuschia shade with blue undertones but it appeared lighter in the package.

Blush: When I first applied it as a blush it looked more purple than it did pink, but it blended well with my ELF Small Stipple brush and gave a nice overall flush to my cheeks. I then set it with a light dusting of my Annabelle face powder.

Eyeshadow: It went on my eyes much better than I had expected. I put a very thin layer of Essence eye base underneath as a base. I also added a warm brown eyeshadow into the crease of my eyes to warm up the look a bit. I lined my eyes with my Wet n Wild black liquid liner and used my Revlon all-in-one mascara. I also dragged the L.A. Colors All-In-One stick underneath my lower lashline to connect the whole look. I was really happy with the overall eye look.

Lipstick: I applied the crayon to my lips without any liner or gloss and it went on darker than I expected. Unfortunately, the frosty finish was accentuated on my lips and it accentuated my lip lines.

Overall thoughts:
-I was pleasantly and surprised by the results. I loved the colour on my eyes! But, it really needs a powder eyeshadow on top. I found that my mascara was transferring to my eyelid because the product doesn't dry down. The colour also wore off of my eyes the quickest and had some creasing. It's too bad as it's a gorgeous colour on my eyes. I'm hoping that it will fare much better with a powder eyeshadow on top.

-I liked it as a blush after it was blended out, it's a beautiful colour on the cheeks as well. But, I found it a little difficult to apply my bronzer after I set my face and the blush with my face powder, I guess it was still a little tacky underneath. Perhaps it would be better to also use a cream bronzer when using this product as your blush.

-Unfortunately, I found that it accentuated my lip lines and looked too frosty on my lips for my liking- although it did not look frosty on my cheeks or eyes (very odd). I found that it lasted for hours on my lips (no eating or drinking) and as time went on it became less frosty.

I will probably stick to using this as an eye base for pink eyeshadow looks (which I'm loving these days), and maybe my cheeks too, although I'm not a big cream blush person. Overall, if you were in a pinch and only had this product, you could definitely get away with using this product for eyes, lips, and cheeks! I was happy with the overall look and it was definitely wearable. And, you can't really beat the $1 price tag!

La Colors is a Cruelty-free  company!

Completed look: 
This is in natural daylight with no filter. Note: I am not a heavy makeup wearer. I just wear light-medium coverage BB creams. I'm also not a makeup artist, just a gal who loves makeup! Also, I like more natural looks on myself and they may not translate that well on camera. My camera also doesn't help to show off the colour very well as it was more vibrant in person. Hopefully, my new camera phone (coming soon) will help me take better pics. These are the pics that showed the colour the most.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Lovely makeup look! It is very glowy and fresh. Multi-tasking products are so handy... so great that this is a lipstick, blush and eyeshadow in one.

    1. Thank you! I was pleasantly surprised with this product. Comes in handy too :D

  2. It seems these only come in Pink Satin, which is too bad because I don't love the color, but it is surprisingly good quality for a dollar. I'd say the one downside is that it smells like old lady perfume, but it's great for monochrome makeup.

    1. I agree about the monochrome makeup look with this. I never noticed the smell and I no longer have it. It def wasn't a good lip colour! ;D


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