Friday, July 22, 2016

Makeup Declutter: Eyeshadow Singles And Small Palettes

I got the urge to do a little decluttering the other day, and when the mood strikes, I have to take advantage as I have to be in the "decluttering frame of mind" to do this.

I wanted to take on my nail polish collection but that didn't go so well.. hence the one nail polish in this post. haha

Something led me to my single eyeshadows and the above happened (plus one small palette that I already knew had to go).

Some of these are great shadows, but these are items that I don't use or don't work for me,  and/or they are very old. Anything that isn't too old will be passed on to better homes.

As I get older, I'm finding that I really need to go lighter on my eyes, especially on my lids. I have very hooded eyes, which has worsened as I've aged. The dark colours on my lids don't open up my eyes like light colours do. This isn't to say that I'll never wear dark colours on my lids again, but definitely not very often. Plus, I have plenty other dark shadows to choose from, so I really don't need these. I'm also wearing a lot more mattes these days. I did declutter 2 mattes but they are very old and go on patchy now.

Singles Decluttered: 
1 Sinful Colours nail polish-(it goes on sheer and patchy)
Wet n Wild LE palette- wrong colours for me
2 Prestige matte shadows- old
 Essence Metal Glam- gorgeous but too dark
 2 Joe Fresh- dark one is patchy, light one glitter fallout
Pixi- gorgeous but too dark

After I took on my single shadows, I was drawn to my small palettes. 

Again, there is nothing wrong with any of these shadows, I just don't use them.. ever! The Love & Beauty one from Sally's Beauty Supply has great pigmentation and beautiful colours, but it's too difficult to pick up just one colour with my eye brushes, so I never use it and it's gotsta-go!

Palettes Decluttered:
Smashbox quad- old
Love & Beauty quad- colours get mixed
Annabelle duo- very old
Almay trio- very old
Essence Quattro- never use

Total decluttered: 12 shadows + 1 polish:
6 singles
6 palettes
1 nail polish

I'm really happy with this declutter. And, even though it seems like a lot to me from looking at the photos and the numbers, somehow, my drawers don't look much different at all.

This can only mean one thing... I must declutter some more!

Although this declutter was done mostly by going with my gut, I normally declutter more logically. By this I mean I usually ask myself the following questions to determine if I should get rid of something. These questions may help you with your decluttering as well.

Is it old/expired?
Do I use it?
Does it suit me?
Would I buy it again?

Out with the old and in with the new! I don't want a huge makeup collection and I already have way more than any one person needs. But, sometimes, we have to get real with ourselves and if something isn't working for us anymore, get rid of it and get something that does work. There is no point in all these items just sitting around not being used.

I am thinking about getting a good palette for everyday that is budget friendly, has a good array of colours that are more on the lighter side. and has a good amount of mattes. If you have any recommendations for me, please leave them in the comments!

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  1. I love a good decluttering! :) I agreed, out with old and less is more! Only keep what is working for you. It hurts when you toss something that you paid for, but its only money ;) Tal xo

    1. I agree, it feels so good. I have even more I should get rid of but I guess it's baby steps for me. You know that WNW "Comfort Zone" eyeshadow pallete that everyone had to have.. well, youtube made me do it and I rarely use it...struggling with tossing it and a few other things I should really get rid of. If I ask myself would I buy it today, the answer is no, so it should really go! ugh At least most of this stuff was cheap ;) xo

  2. I'm with you on decluttering - I have to be in the mood to do it. It's amazing though what can be done when you are in that frame of mind. Even though you say you wanted to do a bigger declutter, I think every little step helps. You're right also about decluttering things you don't use. I've got precisely that problem with some of my nail polishes, so I'll have to get rid of some more soon. It'll be a bit of a struggle, but it needs to be done to make way for newer things.

    1. I don't know why but nail polishes are tough.. and i'm not even a huge nail polish junkie or anything, but everytime I try I can't seem to get rid of any of them! lol btw. Today, I gave away 3 more small eye shadow palettes that I was on the fence about. It feels really good! Now that makes 15! So I want to find one nice palette with colours more suitable to what I want to wear now. :D

  3. I have like 1000 polishes. Polish blogger problems. But I do have to get rid of some eyeshadow singles and little palettes. I never use them as palettes with all the colours I need are so much easier to reach for.

    1. After reading your comment, I had to count my nail polishes as I had no idea how many I had in numbers. I have 60 + 2 top coats. I would like to cut it in half but don't think it will happen. I did manage to giveaway 3 more eye small eye shadow palettes after I posted this :D

  4. Baby steps is what works best for me with decluttering too and yes I can only do it when I'm in a decluttering frame of mind.

    I find decluttering easier when I'm giving away items I don't use to others who will use them. I really hate throwing things away, which is probably why I have to take baby steps when I declutter so I don't throw too much out at once.!

    1. I find it really hard to throw things out also. I much prefer to give away if they're not too old. I gave away 3 more small palettes after I posted this, they were ones that were not too old at all. :D

  5. I had 2eye shadow palettes and I recently threw one out. Ive had it for years and just can't finish it up. It was alsocausing irritations to my eyes. good on you for decluttering :)

    Lily not Louise

    1. I find it much easier to get rid of something if it's really old, especially cream products. I managed to give away 3 others I was on the fence about and it feels good. Truth is, I should really be getting rid of more! lol

  6. Well now great minds think alike Amy! Just before I read your post, I blitzed my lipstick collection and tossed 7 - woo hoo! In the past it's been a rare thing for me to throw out a lippie - if the colour wasn't so hot then I would usually mix it with something else, can't be bothered any more though. You've inspired me to go through my eye shadows too. Essence has some gorgeous palettes out at the mo' that might meet your criteria - I'm about to swatch the Roses one, it's so pretty xxx

    1. Great minds do think alike! ;) Something about decluttering feels so good. I guess it's out with the old and in with the new! After I posted this, I got rid of 3 more eye shadows! I want to get rid of everything that doesn't work for me anymore. I can't pull off everything like you can. I'll check out the Essence palettes. Thanks! xo


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