Friday, June 10, 2016

Week 9: My Health and Weight Loss Journey to Get Fit and Lose Weight!

This is the end of week 9 of my health and weight loss journey to get fit and lose weight. If you'd like to see last weeks post you can find it linked here. And, here is a link to the original post in this journey.

I have been recovering from what the Doctor deemed injuries from working out, so I have just been doing gentle exercises as I recover.


This week's workouts were as follows:
  • Day 1-  No workout
  • Day 2- 20 minutes on stepper / upper and lower body exercises with 8lb weights (see chart below)
  • Day 3- No workout
  • Day 4- No workout
  • Day 5- Yoga
  • Day 6- No workout
  • Day 7- 20 minutes on stepper / upper and lower body exercises with 8lb weights (see chart below)

Below is the initial workout chart that I created to be used as a guide for days when I'm working out on my own ie. without a DVD to follow. And/or after a cardio workout when I want to fit in a bit of weight training.

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I created this, I guess I wasn't thinking. I just created it on a day, after the injury, when I was doing what I could at the time. 

I have since revised the list to be: 

100 Bicycle crunches
15 Squats with overhead press x 2
15 Deadlifts x2
20 Pushups
15 Bicep curls x1
15 Hammer curls x1 (new to list)
15 Tricep curls x 2

These are currently done with 8lb hand weights. The exercises can always be adjusted to suit how I am feeling at the time. For example, I could do 3 sets instead of 2 or I could do 8-10 reps 2-3x's..etc.


I'm also learning a lot more about diet and what to eat before and after workouts, and how important it is to replace the nutrients lost during a workout as our body works at repairing the muscle tissue.

I'm finding the article "6 Incredibly Easy Post-Workout Meals for Women" is a great guide for what to eat after a workout. The article is specific to women as men and women's bodies have different needs- men require more calories than we do. If we eat what a man's body requires, we will not succeed at our weight loss goals. The article talks about what to eat, when to eat, as well as suggested food pairings. I'm finding it very helpful.

Here are my weekly weigh in results for this week:

Weight: down 1 lb
Body fat: down 1%

I'm happy that I'm recovering and  I was able to do more than just yoga this week. Now that I'm slowly recovering, I do need to work on my time management, sleep, and energy.

See you next week!


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