Sunday, September 27, 2015

Decluttering Series: Weekly Beauty Product Testing With #Reviews- Finale

Another view

The after is only one bag, just different views of it ;)

This will be the final installment in this Decluttering series of my samples stash. The original post to this series can be found HERE. I can't believe I only started this in late June! It feels as though I've been working on my samples and this series since at least the spring! 

As you can see from the before and after, I have used up almost everything. The remaining items are just tiny samples that are probably not worth mentioning. Of course, if they are worth mentioning I will post about it. Unless I accumulate another huge stash of samples, I will probably only post reviews on samples as they come in and/or if it's something great or even horrible. Hopefully, I have learned my lesson and will use my samples as they come in vs. accumulating bags and baskets full of samples! ;)

StriVectin-SD Instant Retexturizing Scrub

I like this scrub but it was a little more abrasive than I prefer. 
Because I use Retin-A and have thinning/aging skin, I prefer something a little less abrasive So, I use it very gently and it works fine. I wouldn't purchase it as I know that I can get something cheaper that does the same thing. But, if you have the money and like a scrub that's a little more abrasive, this gets the job done. 

DIY tip: one of my favourite at home scrubs/masks is using rice flour (which has good for your skin peptides!) add a little soy milk or regular milk (you can also use water or your cleanser), and massage it into your skin. It's gentle and your skin will be baby soft!

Mario Badescu Glycolic Eye Cream

A little really goes a long way! I've been using these for weeks and have only finished up one sample. I am unable to use it at night when I use my Retin-A as I experience redness and irritation when I use them at the same time (Even though I don't apply Retin-A to my eye area, it migrates there naturally).

Based on my skins reaction to this with my Retin-A, I feel confident that this product really does have some active ingredients in it. It has a thick, greasy-like, Vaseline type consistency to it. Because of that, it does soften the appearance of the lines around my eyes. I use it after my moisturizer and before I apply my makeup with no issues. I do like it but I probably wouldn't purchase it as I haven't noticed any improvements besides lessening "the appearance" of lines after it's applied.

Frizz Ease Dram Curls Shampoo, Conditioner and Calming Creme

My hair is naturally frizzy and curly. I had high hopes for this set as it's designed specifically for curly and frizzy hair. Unfortunately, I found this very average. It wasn't too drying but also not moisturizing enough for my bleached, frizzy hair. I will not be purchasing this. Instead the search continues for my HG (holy grail) hair products.

Pure Skin Face Oil from Pure + Simple Spa

This has a delicious herbal, spa like fragrance. It's deeply hydrating and I love to layer it over my serum or moisturizer, either way works. It did not cause any irritation or breakouts on my reactive skin type. But, I am kind of obsessed with my Holistic Vanity (also from Pure + Simple) Camellia oil right now.

Garnier Clean Balancing Gel Exfoliator for combination skin

This wasn't bad at all. It had a subtle fragrance and it was really gentle on my skin. I would consider purchasing it if there weren't more natural options out there.

So, this concludes this series. It was a lot of fun testing out all these samples. I found a few gems, a few duds, and some that were just so-so.

From now on I'll be trying my samples out as they come in! Not promising, but I will try my best! Sometimes, I'm so focused on my full-size products that I let the samples just sit there and collect. This challenge proved to me that there is definitely value in trying out my samples. So far, I have purchased a couple of my samples in their full-sizes.

I received all of these product samples for free. As usual, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Great Work!
    My sample and deluxe minis are getting a bit out of hand! I really need to take a leaf from your book!

    1. Thanks, Nerida! It feels good to be done with most of them! Maybe challenge yourself to use as many as you can in a week ;)

  2. Well done on getting through all those samples! Samples just seem to magically multiply don't they. I'm working through some at the moment as well, but I also received another handful of samples from my visit into the city stores yesterday. I'm not complaining however as I love trying samples before deciding whether to purchase products or not.

    1. Thanks! I'm definitely glad to have finished up almost all of them. They definitely multiplied and got out of control... lesson learned.. i think! lol

  3. Congrats my dear - I can't even bring myself to look in my samples drawer, everything must be at least 2 years old! Might just toss the lot and follow your lead xxx

    1. I know what u mean. I think I learned my lesson. I just got a whole bunch more samples in the mail and I'm using them as they come in. Nothing special, just the usual hair packet samples etc. Xo


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